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3 Xbox ONE games to look forward to…

While most might be inclined to think that Microsoft’s Xbox ONE has all but fallen to the indisputable popularity of the PS4, the truth it’s still a massively powerful and stylish console in its own right.  With 2014 being seen by many as the first true banner year for game releases on next-generation consoles, MS has a few tricks of its own to roll out.  The following 3 (Windows / Microsoft / Xbox) exclusive titles are certainly something for fans to look forward to, and even better still, each one offers something unique, exciting or evocative.

Project Spark

Project Spark

The first thing you need to know about Team Dakota’s “Project Spark” is that it may very well offer people a genius, perhaps revolutionary concept in console gaming.  Its developers have labeled the title a “digital canvas” where players are essentially given free reign to actually create either games, movies or whatever else they can think of.  The amazing thing about this is the fact that users will in turn be able to directly share the content that they create, thereby allowing gamers from all across the globe to download their creations and append, alter or add to it in any way, shape or form.

Clearly, this has the potential to completely transform the way games are created.  Just imagine what project spark might look like 5 years after its release, with tons of user-generated downloads available, some perhaps even being so refined and polished to rival big-budget titles (if things go well, that is).  Add to this the ability to take advantage of any and all peripheral devices, such as keyboards, mice, smartglass, touch-devices as well as the Kinect system (to record audio and even capture character animations!) and you have an incredibly powerful bevy of options at your disposal for bringing your creative vision to life.  If you want to sign up for the Beta, click here.



In short, “Titanfall” is a brilliant-looking, visually spectacular first-person shooter which has players piloting large mech-like machines across dilapidated environments.  While that sounds like a lot of fun on its own, there’s yet another feature to consider – it’s an always online game that seamlessly melds single player storylines and multiplayer madness.  In fact, a lot of critics seem to feel as though Titanfall has effectively shown the game developers which direction FPS action is headed in as far as genre is concerned (as a whole).  Look for it to hit store shelves in March.

Halo 5

halo xbox one

Simply dubbed “Halo – Xbox One”, it would appear that the legendary Xbox-exclusive saga will rise on the next-generation console like a phoenix from the ashes.  Developer 343 Industries is currently working hard to ensure that Microsoft’s brand spanking new flagship machine gets its own distinctive blend of Halo goodness (which shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone).  However, rather than being some type of reboot, as the name might suggest, this installment is said to be a sequel to Halo 4 and will propel the Reclaimer Saga forward.  While there really isn’t a lot of specific of confirmed information floating around about it (as of late), you just know it’s going to look amazing on the ONE and will most certainly take advantage of the roots which Bungie planted for the franchise.  Expect to see “Halo – Xbox ONE” emerging in late 2014.

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