How Does Bitcoin Benefit the Online Gaming Industry?

When compared to the lengthy, intricate history of online gaming, cryptocurrency is very much a new phenomenon. Still, digital currencies such as bitcoin are already having a huge positive impact on the gaming industry, specifically when it comes to online games. Be it jackpot slots or video poker, bitcoin is changing the way your favourite online game is played for the better. Here’s how:

More Security

In this modern era, where all of our most personal details are stored online on social media platforms, online marketplaces and numerous other sites, security is everything. Over the years, we may have become desensitised to how crucial online security is as we simply put in our card details to buy whatever it is we want or need. While many sites using traditional currencies are indeed safe, cryptocurrency offers a lot more security to both customers and businesses. As it exists online, improved software has led to almost impenetrable online wallets where bitcoins are stored, so users can rest easy in the knowledge their finances are safe.

Higher Value

Although online gaming operators using traditional currency still offer players high rewards for their gameplay, bitcoin is often worth a lot more. This is especially true of some online casinos, as those that use credit cards and bank transfers often require a fee, either of money or at the very least, time. Using bitcoin comes with absolutely zero transaction fees though, and is often instantaneous so players and operators alike are not waiting around for transactions to go through.


While bitcoin may be gaining popularity around the world, online gaming operators that deal solely in bitcoin continue to offer their patrons a certain level of exclusivity. That is, most online game platforms with traditional payment methods offer the same old stuff, while bitcoin operators have access to brand new experiences. For instance, Bitcasino offers their players a wide variety of games, promotions and bonuses that cannot be found on any other site as they operate solely in bitcoin. This includes any customer’s ability to become a VIP and gain access to a personalised casino experience with tailored offers, unique competitions and prizes that simply will not exist on conservative casinos with archaic payment methods.

Anonymous Profiles & Purchases

In addition to financial security, bitcoin offers users personal security as it is incredibly hard for anyone to figure out who is spending bitcoins on what. Of course, most online gamers have nothing to hide but we don’t blame the gamers who want to keep their identity to themselves. This should always be an option at any online site, as no one should be forced to share their personal information if they do not wish to. Fortunately, with bitcoin, no user is ever asked for proof of who they are.

Needless to say, bitcoin is swiftly proving itself to be the currency of the future for online games. After all, as technology advances, so too should the way we purchase it and as cryptocurrencies exist only in the digital world, it simply makes sense that they become the leading online payment method.

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