DX-Ball Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes during game play (unless otherwise stated) to activate the corresponding cheat:

Game editor [NOTE 1] – [Ctrl] [F1]
Normal paddle – [Ctrl] [F1]
Magnetic paddle – [Ctrl] [F2]
Laser gun paddle – [Ctrl] [F3]
Extended paddle – [Ctrl] [F4]
Enable music [NOTE 2] – [Ctrl] [F5]
Disable music – [Ctrl] [F6]
Move stuck ball – [Ctrl] [F7]
Thru brick – [Ctrl] Z
Zap bricks – [Ctrl] X
Extra life – [Shift] Z
Slow ball – [Shift] X
Fire ball – [Ctrl] [Shift]

NOTE 1: Enter this code from the main menu.
NOTE 2: Press [F5] after code is active to change the music.

Block auto-destruct:
Press P when only one block is remaining. Wait one minute, then press P again to have the game automatically destroy the last block.

Easy completion:
Select the Kid mode option to make it easier to finish the 25th level of all stages.

Final level:
Completing the final level will automatically return the game to the opening screen and bypass high score entry. To avoid this, stop playing when reaching the level with “THE END” created by blocks.

Floating ball:
Get a Magnet Paddle box. Next, get a Big Paddle box. Then, get a Smaller Paddle box. The ball will now be floating.

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