Challenge your General Knowledge with new game app – Quiz Challenge

New App launches for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Challenge your General Knowledge with new game app – Quiz Challenge.


Birmingham, Cannock,  UK – March 4th, 2012 – James Allsopp (App Zealous) released a new iPhone/iPad/iPod game app called Quiz Challenge. The game is now available in the App Store.

According to Mr. Allsopp, Quiz Challenge is a new game app that tests and challenges your general knowledge. The game provides loads of fun and can be enjoyed by any age group.

James says “The quiz comes with 300+ questions, and the gameplay cycles through a total of 50 questions, you have 15 seconds to answer each question. You generate a bank balance as you play through each question. The more questions you answer the bigger the bank balance you will end with. Having a large final balance at the end of the 50 questions is the challenge! You can submit your score to the online leaderboards, which challenges you to compete with players across the world.

The game offers some very challenging and fun gameplay within a smartly designed interface, and is unlike other trivia quiz apps.”

James continues to say “we will continue to add new features to the game. We plan on releasing version 2 later in May.”

Buy the Quiz Challenge game app now, which is now available in the App store at the price of just $1.99.

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