Quiz Challenge Review

If you love the challenge of a quiz, then you are likely to enjoy the new iPhone and iPad app, Quiz Challenge. Quiz Challenge operates somewhat like the TV show ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’; you build a currency as you answer questions. The interface is also similar and very attractive. This game is also free.

The game only has one game mode; you have 150 seconds to answer as many questions correctly as possible. If you answer a question correctly, then you get $150 in-game currency, but if you get a question wrong, then your balance drops by $50. Once the 150 seconds are up, you will see your balance total, which is your score. Whilst the game uses the USD as the main currency, you can also change it to Euro or GBP.

You can submit your score to Facebook and an online leaderboard. The leaderboard allows you to compete with other players from across the world, if you can get in the top 15, then your name and country will be displayed for all users to see.

Quiz Challenge comes with a database of over 300 questions, but if you want more, you upgrade to the full version of the game, which provides 1200+ new questions, and the adverts are removed.

My overall experience with Quiz Challenge was great. I’ve played many quiz games, and this is one of my favourites. For improvements, I would recommend that some new game modes are introduced in the next version. Whilst a quiz doesn’t offer action-packed entertainment, they are a great education tool, and this is one of the better quiz games available.

Quiz Challenge is free, download it here.

Rating: 8 / 10


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