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The Ultimate Gaming Bedroom

Just about every male (and probably some females), has dreamt about owning the ultimate gaming bedroom. Not just a Playstation and a beanbag, oh no. A gaming room so awesome that just about everything it contains contributes to your gaming experience.

Think top of the range TV, the best gaming console, a computer built especially for gaming, speakers to immerse you fully into the game you’re playing, even chairs that rock and vibrate you along with your game.

This article is going to help you do just that, create a room exclusively designed for your gaming pleasure. Here we go…

The Ultimate Gaming TV

First, you need a great TV to play your games. This is possibly one of the most important aspects of a gaming bedroom, so we took it upon ourselves to name the Philips 43PF963OA 42 inch HD TV the ultimate gaming TV. The high definition 16:9 display is perfect for destroying your enemies. Brand new this TV will set you back £2,500 but you can’t really put a price on your body count or FIFA score can you?

The Ultimate Gaming PC

This Dell XPS 600 PC is perfect for extreme gaming, not to mention running the LAN Scoreboard mentioned later on (What’s an ultimate gaming room without a score board?). This PC boasts a 24 inch LCD widescreen, 1GB of RAM, and some other amazing stats that I’m not going to write simply because they’re so amazing they’d take forever. You can read a full review here.

The Ultimate Gaming Console

The ultimate gaming console comes in the form of the Microsoft XBOX 360. You’ll get the best graphics, wireless controllers and HDTV support. Opt for a more expensive version and you’ll game in HD with a 20GB drive.

The Ultimate Gaming Speakers

These speakers will stun you with their capabilities, including the earth trembling bass they produce. The Logitech z5500 Digital 5.1 Speakers are a force to be reckoned with. A must buy for the ultimate gaming room.

The Ultimate Gaming Chairs

Connecting these chairs to your TV’s audio out port will ensure your gaming experience is the most groundbreaking yet. You’ll feel the earth shatter and rumble, allowing you to appreciate the game so much more. The Pyramat PM220 Sound Rocker, is a powerful 80 watt chair. Purchase it if you dare.

The Ultimate Gaming Scoreboard

The ultimate gaming scoreboard is something you will have to build yourself, giving you so much more satisfaction when your gaming bedroom is complete. To do this, follow these step by step instructions. Always know what’s going on in a game with four different screens displaying game statistics.

The Ultimate Gaming Video Card

With the nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX boasting the fastest speeds, this is definitely the ultimate gaming video card. Run all four screens on your handmade scoreboard, just be prepared to part with some serious dough…around £600 for one. So worth it though, when you think of all the immense gaming you’ll be doing when your ultimate gaming room is complete!

Hi Can Bed?

Hi Can Bed

And for those of you with a little more cash with futuristic desires why not get yourself the Hi Can Bed. This is by far the ultimate gaming bed. You can do everything you desire right from underneath your bed linen. Play computer games, watch DVDs and so on. The bed comes with an HD projector and an in built computer system which will definitely have all your friends jealous. All this hi-tech equipment is going to cost you though around $50,000 which I think is around 35K in sterling.

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