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How to Craft the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

Social media marketing is all the rage these days. Businesses with divergent operational scales now consider social media marketing as an essential element of their mainstream digital marketing strategies. Marketers find it extremely convenient and considerably cheaper to market their products/services via social media, as they can approach wider and highly diverse audiences and mobilize them using a single platform.

As a matter of fact, social media does play a major role in influencing consumers, and the figure below proves it.

While social media marketing continues to swell in terms of importance, Instagram has managed to penetrate the social media marketing industry and is already dominating it. The social networking giant recently emerged as a platform for businesses to approach, engage and market.

With every brand turning to Instagram for targeted marketing, all the hype around Instagram is justified. Initially, Instagram has recorded remarkable growth over the last few years. In fact, this social networking platform gained around 300 million users in the last couple of years, and 700 million overall monthly users, which is of course remarkable enough.

Instagram also offers an accommodative environment for businesses to operate in. Apart from their supportive algorithms, Instagram’s extended support towards marketers has been remarkable too.

Even though there are tons of third-party marketing tools aimed at aiding your Instagram marketing strategies, One such example is Vibbi, that help you buy real Instagram followers. Instagram recently unveiled their set of marketing tools, which are quite useful and dependable.

Perhaps the most influential factor that makes Instagram an excellent platform for marketing is the high rate of engagement offered by Instagram. According to several studies and reports, Instagram offers the highest rate of engagement compared to its most noticeable competitors.

Instagram bios play an important role in attracting followers and add to the credibility of an Instagram profile. Initially, because Instagram bios are the first thing anyone is going to notice when they visit your Instagram page. Secondly, Instagram bios can communicate a message and influence the Instagram audience. A well-crafted bio can assist you in increasing the number of followers for your Instagram page.

Initially, your Instagram bio should convey the purpose of your business. An Instagram bio is useless if it doesn’t mention what the business does. Ideally, your Instagram bio must showcase your business’s personality. You can include the mission statement or a sum up of the objective of your business in your bio. Your Instagram bio is not supposed to be fancy or congested, instead, it should be decent and well-organized as it is likely to leave an impression of the brand on the consumer. You may also include the slogan of your business, to increase brand awareness and prompt users to follow your Instagram page.

In a nutshell, you have, to sum up the highlights of your company and possibly prompt the consumer to take action in not more than 150 characters.

Apart from the highlights of your company, you are also advised to add a CTA in your bio, prompting consumers to take action. This way, you can generate leads and convert your audience. For example, you can add the URL that leads to your website and urges your audience to visit your website. You may also ask your Instagram users to sign up for your newsletters etc.

Using hashtags in your Bios is a great idea, perhaps the best idea. Instagram has revitalized the functionality of hashtags. On Instagram, hashtags can be used to increase the discoverability of a profile, locate relevant audience and connect with them. You are advised to add relevant and trending hashtags in your Instagram bios, to make it easier for the relevant people to locate your brand over Instagram.

Moreover, you may also use emojis in your Instagram bios, but it should be noted that over-use of emojis will make the bio seemingly fancier and not-so-decent, defying the whole purpose of your Instagram bio.

Apart from everything mentioned above, you can use your creativity to make your Instagram bio stand out. Be it wordplay or format editing; you can alter it in every aspect to make it unique and eye-catching.

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