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What Is Elo Boosting? And Is It Worth The Money?

There is no doubt in the fact that League Of Legends is a  tough game mainly due to the terminologies with which it comes. The phrases like ganking bot and smurfing etc. All of this can be pretty hard to understand but those who know these terms and phrases, they always have a pretty good time playing LoL.

Now, if you are a LoL pro, then there are high chances that you already know about the term “elo” and its importance in the game. However, if you yet don’t know about elo boosting and why is it essential for your game then you aren’t completely exposed to the secrets of LoL boosting.

What Is Elo Boosting?

Elo boosting is also known as MMR (MatchMaking Ranking). What happens in elo boosting is that a high elo player increases the game ranking of another playing by boosting his elo’s. In short, the player gets the access to the booster account to fulfill the service he needs. The account owner then takes the account back after the player receives his required and promised amount of elo’s. As far as the benefits of increasing your elo are concerned, well, it’s a simple formula that the more elo’s you have, the more are the chances that you will win the game. And yes by winning we are talking about the increased ranks that aren’t easy when it comes to LoL.

Is Elo Boosting Worth The Money?

It is a common question that almost every buyer asks, and well, there is no proper answer to it. In fact, whether you should buy it or not all depends on your current ranking and position in the League Of Legends. As said earlier, LoL is not an easy game, so yes, you will have to be extra good with your skills and communication or else the game will become more stringent for you with each passing day. However, if you want some serious suggestion then if you are a beginner then spending money on boosting the elo’s should not be an option for you at the moment because even if you decide to get the boost, you will just be able to reach the 30th level which is nothing.

On the other hand, if you are playing on the ranked game mode then yes, you can surely purchase an elo boosting package for your game to start at your best your ranked game mode at best and the highest division possible. In general, you should purchase the elo boosting package when you’ve reached the 50th level of the game. This way you will know that yes, your efforts and money are not going to waste and you will also be able to learn new things about LoL.

Overall Verdict

We’ll put it straight for you that if you wish to get out of the hell of elo’s then either you should have amazing skills to do so or you should be extremely lucky. But if you both these cases don’t match your current situation and if you are actually a big LoL fan then yes, the money will be worth it and you should definitely think of elo boosting.

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