Three Ways Online Poker is Getting More Exciting

Casino chips, cards and dices stacking on a laptop

When was the last time you played poker online? If you’re a regular player, you may already be up-to-speed with all the latest developments, both in play styles and technology. However, if you don’t take the time to dig around new options, or only play poker occasionally, you may well be surprised by how much things have moved on in recent years.

Online poker has developed in several significant ways, which has made playing more flexible, more engaging and more varied. Here are three good examples of what this means in reality:

Casino chips, cards and dices stacking on a laptop
  1. The rise of “face-to-face” online poker

A long-standing difference between playing poker online and playing around a traditional table is the kind of interaction you can have with fellow players. However, the gap between the two styles has narrowed significantly.

When playing online, it’s now possible to go way beyond how people play, whether they hesitate, or whether they share any information in the optional chat window. Thanks to developments such as webcam poker, it’s now possible for you to hone in on mannerisms and tells – adding a whole new dimension to the game.

It’s going further than this too. The advent of virtual reality poker brings a true casino feel to an online game, and with the VR market predicted to multiply many times in size by 2020, the hardware that will make this possible is on the cusp of becoming ubiquitous. There’s no question that online poker operators will be on board with VR as soon as possible.

  1. Fast games for the impatient

Impatience can prove a problem for some players when playing on well-populated poker tables. This is particularly relevant when you’re waiting for others to make their decisions after you’ve already folded your hand and are keen to get going on the next one.

This is no longer an issue with online poker, thanks to the development of new ways to play. “Fast fold” type poker games, like “Snap” on 888poker allow you to move straight onto the next hand once you’ve folded. This keeps up momentum so there are no lulls that cause impatience. This means more consistent action and no need to jump in with risky calls for the sake of being part of the game!

  1. Mobile poker

With around 70% of citizens in both the UK and USA owning smartphones, it’s no surprise mobile poker is becoming more popular. Statistics show social poker to be particularly popular on mobile devices, taking almost half of global revenue in this space.

If it’s been a while since you tried playing poker on a mobile device, or if you’ve not tried it before, then perhaps it’s time to give it a go? The power of modern mobile devices makes it easy for online providers to deliver an experience that now rivals playing on a computer or laptop, and some might say the tactile, touch element adds something to the experience. Whether you choose to practice or play for real, it will certainly give you something to do on journeys – and something that’s distinctly more engaging than endlessly scrolling through a social media feed!

It’s well worth taking a look at how online poker has developed recently. There’s certainly plenty to reawaken your interest if it’s been a while since you played.

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