The best Android Games for Brain Training

Not all games are simply entertaining. Sometimes, the right balance between escapism and mental stimulation can resonate with the inner genius in us all. Even if we do tend to consider ourselves not as knowledgeable as we could be, there are always ways to increase our learning capabilities and take some new information on board.

These types of games are very popular right now, and seem to be growing just like those of the esports variety. Major online casinos are providing titles to keep the more complex brain working, and sites like 188Bet cater to this meaning you can check odds for all the tournaments if you are betting on esports.

Tiny Thief

The concept of this game is to take money from those who may not be happy about it, but can survive, and give it to those who truly need it. Yes – the old English legend of Robin Hood does come to mind – so your job is to replicate the Nottingham icon. Dodging opponents and solving complex puzzles are part of the job, so make sure you pay attention to the smaller details here. You will be surprised at how difficult some of these teasers prove to be!

The Curse

The best part about the curse is that there are many games and puzzles which can be played by all. That means – if you are looking to introduce the younger members of the household into the fold. These games are excellent for increasing knowledge, helping concentration, assisting in developing memory, and offering a new way to look at old riddles in a fun and entertaining fashion which is bound to keep you interested.

2048 Number Puzzle

There is a reason why this game continues to be one of the most popular brain trainers out there. As an Android app, it has done excellently well and continues to garner popularity among players.

It is essentially a game of numbers, which is a fascinating way to get that brain working at its most optimum. The way to play is very straightforward: simply manoeuvre the blocks around and fill in numbers around the empty space. You will be looking to count numbers and use a form of multiplication which will take you to your desired target of 2048. You can play this game individually or on multiplayer.

What do brain training games actually do?

Brain training games are an excellent way to assist in the development of your memory, reaction-time and of course, your ability to process information. As such, these type of games have become increasingly popular among players of all ages. Getting the right game which holds your interest means that you can work and play at the same time.

For those among us who like to learn, brain training games can really help. They can also lead to showing a genuine interest in things like maths and spelling, meaning that there is a limitless potential to train your mind into working at its highest capabilities.

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