Octopus Invasion – A new Space Adventure for Android Devices

Octopus Invasion – A new Space Adventure for Android Devices

Monkey Bay – The Battle Strategy Game is now available in the App Store

Bamberg, June 19th 2015. The renowned developer and publisher of browser games, upjers, is further expanding its selection of high quality mobile games. Octopus Invasion is a brand new game available in the App Store. The hit game Monkey Bay is now also available for Apple devices.

In Octopus Invasion, players guide their character through a hostile universe comprised of strange planets. Your octopus hero was forced to abandon planet Earth and is now on the hunt for a new home. But the inhabitants of the planets he encounters try to stop him and start attacking. Weapons for defense are buried beneath a playing field. The player has 8 moves to uncover guns and lasers for the octopus – if you can remember the weapon arrangements, you’ll get to shoot faster.

With Monkey Bay’s release for iOS devices, Apple users can finally enjoy the battle strategy game by upjers and Jo-Mei on the go. The app for the corresponding browser game is now available in the App Store: here.

Players that already have an account can sync it with the Monkey Bay app in two simple steps. Then you can go bananas with the crazy pirate game. Battle monkeys, freebooters, and zombie chickens can be rallied to attack surrounding islands. Players build their own defenses and sail out to plunder and fight.

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