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Destiny 2 Preview – Back to the Light

While console players are already playing, PC gamers still have to look with envy. Destiny 2‘s launch on PC was postponed a lot, but hopefully we’ll get a better game for it.

Let’s take a look at what awaits us in Destiny 2, when it finally arrives on our machines.

New subclasses

While the original Destiny’s three classes remain, with tanky Titans, nuke-y Warlocks and speedy Hunters that we know, they received additional subclasses you can pick to further specialise your playstyle.

Titans now can become Sentinels, capable of creating an energy shield to wield and to throw at their enemies not unlike Captain America. It brings a lot more action to a Titan playstyle, and whacking distant enemies with a thrown shield of radiant energy feels properly awesome.

Hunters, now can specialise into Arcstrider subclass, with a super which creates a staff of imbued with elemental lightning. Calling forth this Arc weapon makes Hunters even more agile than they typically are, capable of unleashing some really acrobatic and devastating attacks.

Finally Warlocks, the caster class, sort of, has received the Dawnblade subclass with a probably the most spectacular and over the top super in the game. Upon activating it they ascend to the skies, and cast fiery swords down on the hapless enemies. Warlocks by their very name defy the sci-fi feel of the game, but Dawnblades’ super is some really straightforward fantasy stuff. Not that we mind.

The subclasses you may be familiar with from the first game mostly remain intact, with some tweaks and balances thrown into the mix to bring them up to par with the new ones.

Loadouts revisited

Destiny 2 decided the previous game got it wrong when it comes to weapon loadouts, so reworks were in order. Now at any time during Destiny 2 gameplay you carry weapons assigned by damage type, instead of category. You have three slots, one each for Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons.

guns deal mostly straightforward, solid projectile damage, doing a great job when you only have you foe’s health bar to care about. Energy guns are first and foremost about elemental damage: arc (lightning), void (stuff), solar (fire). They also happen to be great at wrecking enemy shields. Finally the power weapons are the true heavy hitters: shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and the like. They are your weapons for bosses and crowds too large for regular guns.

Destiny 2 story campaign

The first Destiny was infamous for lacking a story. It had one, but you wouldn’t have known that from playing the game, since most of the lore was separated from the game itself, forcing you to Alt-Tab to get an idea what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Thankfully, this is changed in Destiny 2, which has story pretty well integrated into its gameplay.

The Cabal has struck the Earth, and have captured the Traveller, taking its Light away from the Guardians, and with it their miraculous powers. The Vanguard, a trio of the most powerful representatives of each class has scattered, ending up on far reaches of the Solar system. It’s largely up to you, to bring them back together, defeat Gary the Armored Potato, and make things more bearable in the process. As an added bonus, the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 is voiced by Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame.

Groups and exploration

If you fancy yourself more of a solitary player who only on occasion feels it necessary to find a group and go for a raid, Destiny 2 matchmaking has your back. The Guided Games system helps solo players find help among already teamed-up groups for an instance or two and then go on their merry way, richer for the experience.

In addition, if you are a fan of exploring game locations looking for trouble and loot, each planet in Destiny 2 allows you to run around, looking for lost sectors. And the best thing about it? You won’t need to jump to orbit every so often to pick new mission, like you had to in the first game.


Although console players have been playing Destiny 2 since early September, the PC players still have a few days to go before they can bite into the planet-spanning tale of bullets and superpowers. Destiny 2 PC launches on October 24 this year, leaving just enough time to get a preorder, if you fancy pre-loading your games instead of waiting for them to start downloading on release day.

Which class are you going to pick, Guardian?

What do you think?

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