eSports Betting: A Rising Trend

Technology hasn’t stopped developing and, year after year, people have more access to it, which is always a great thing since, especially nowadays, there are so many people that need it to work, to communicate and for many other things that are essential in daily life.

Having a computer or a gaming device, portable or not, is not only cheap but anyone can have access to it very easily. Since the beginning that games have been developed in order for people to have fun. It’s certain that many remember some of the first games that were available to play on a computer. Today, we have a lot of games available from several genres that can be easily bought online, often without a need for physical copies of the software, in the form of DLCs.

All this development has lead to a surge in the popularity of eSports that some would not even dare predict a mere decade ago, especially when there is an increasing number of young players that love to play games. Some of the most popular eSports are League of Legends, Starcraft, DOTA 2 and CS:GO. Today it’s considered normal for many people to spend some hours each day in front of a television or a computer playing an eSport. But, for some, that is just practising for the championships that happen throughout the years. These have become highly popular and more frequent in the last years, and many players are actually benefiting from the money they earn from those. For instance, the prize pool of the International Dota 2 Championship this year reached $20 million, which was shared between competitors. Such earnings are also a goal for a lot of players and it’s also a reason that many want to be part of the championships.

For many people, it’s a great opportunity to be able to watch a championship and it’s a big honour to participate in one. A great player can become a celebrity overnight, by just winning a game, sometimes when the difference is just a matter of seconds. There is also something important during these championships: players meet other players, sometimes when they already got to know each other virtually. Of course, it’s also possible to make new friends this way too.

ESports are even becoming more popular, and even those who have no experience with a controller are interested in playing. This is no surprise to anyone, since there were about 323 million viewers last year and there is a prediction that this number will rise to 589 million in 3 years, according to the Global eSports Market Report 2017. This means that eSports betting is going to grow as well, which is only natural.

It’s even possible to win free bets and merch by becoming a beta tester of eSports betting software, as we read on the blog of eSports bookie Master Mazuma. This also makes it possible to learn more about betting on eSports for those who are interested in it. However complicated this type of betting may sound, it’s actually easy to understand and simple to do – not that much different to betting on traditional sports like football and cricket. It takes good knowledge of the games and teams involved, but it’s also possible to go for luck rather than insight when betting.

ESports are part of the future. We live in a world where technology is part of our daily lives and we can not ignore that. Many players enjoy playing eSports and want to keep doing it. And let’s admit it: most of them, if not all, want to become professional gamers.

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