Gamers that Play for a Living

Are you low on cash? If you love playing video games, did you know that it’s possible to make a decent living off of your favorite hobby?

One way to make money is by playing casino pokies online. Not only does this put the excitement of casino gaming at your fingertips, many casinos offer generous welcome bonuses that will allow you to do more playing for less money. Plus, many also offer generous promotions, like reload, loyalty, and game bonuses, for existing players to take advantage of as well.

Every month over 100 million people watch others play video games on the In terms of traffic, this means that is one of the largest in the world. Furthermore, the top gamers on this site can earn the big bucks. In fact, there’s a Forbes article that states that the top streamers (gamers) can make up to $300,000 a year.

But, that’s not all – gamers can also make money on YouTube by creating content that relates to video games. This type of content gets hundreds of millions of video views from millions of passionate subscribers and other interested parties. What’s more, YouTube pays you for every single view you get.

Interested in learning more about how gamers play for a living? Check out the following two tips to help you get started:

** Study your audience

To optimize your performance, it is important to keep track of your numbers. For instance, the retention graph data on YouTube can help you figure out where your audience is losing and or gaining interest. Let’s say that you notice that your viewers are losing interest when you flash a certain graphic, simply remove it for more retention.

** Begin creating content

When most of us think about people who play video games on a full-time basis, the first thing that comes to mind is a professional gamer who does streaming and plays in tournaments But, there are many ways to make money off the games that you love. For instance, if you are good at a particular game and have a knack for teaching, consider creating a channel where other gamers can come to learn how to master it. Or, if you prefer something more structured, you can host a show every day, maybe even do gaming marathons. No matter what you decide, it is important that you make sure that your channel accurately represents both you and your abilities.

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