How Gaming Helps You Learn


Never mind what the cynics say, gaming is good for you, and that’s a fact. Gaming and the skills it builds have the ability to improve our learning. They impact our education and provide us with real attributes. The next time you sit down at your games console, you will be benefiting in very real ways. Here are some examples of how gaming can help you learn.


This is a vital area of our life. Our perception is how we interpret everything we see and feel around us. Our perception defines how we react to life. Gaming improves our perception. The process of interpreting and selecting information becomes easier and smoother. That allows us to make decisions and organise information more quickly. Being an adept gamer means that this process is quicker. That means you are more accurate and more efficient.



In other words is it training and working the brain in very efficient ways. The more we do it, as in the more we use these connections in the brain, the more efficient we become. Look upon it as mental athletics! It means that we are more adept and essentially brighter when it comes to experiencing the world around us.

The next time you download Blade and Soul at put in a few hours of playing and practice. You’ll be developing very real skills of perception. Every time you enter a new landscape and have to learn new coping strategies, you’ll be becoming smarter and more adept.

That extends into very real physical areas. That means your reaction times are better. They are quicker, and they are more reliable. It means your hand to eye coordination will be improved. Again the more you connect thoughts to actions, the quicker and more adept you’ll become.

Awareness and attention

Gamers can benefit from increased awareness and attention span. That means not only will they be able to take in more information; they will be able to do so for longer. Think about how long you are able to spend in focus and concentration. That has a real effect on your ability to learn and develop skills. For example, education prides itself on finding new ways for people to accumulate knowledge and apply it to real life situations. If you think about it, your time on the XBox has a direct benefit on your ability to learn.

In fact, gaming could be used to get more learners motivated and connected with their material. Playing games is, in fact, anything but. Gaming has opened up the route to a more appealing way of learning. Gamers can use their increased levels of focus and concentration to become better learners.

Gaming helps with real range of skills that translate into useful life and career skills. Gaming helps set goals. If you are seeking to understand new rules and characters, then you are working towards new solutions. You could also be picking up on good team building skills and well as analysing solutions for any number of problems. Mental flexibility is a prized attribute in many areas of life.

It is fascinating to think that the next time you settle down to a gaming session you are building very real attributes that make you a great learner. Gaming makes you a more motivated, engaging and interactive member of society!

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