Play Video Games Without a Console

Video gaming is one of the most popular and exciting pastimes in the world. With a global following of millions, the video game industry makes billions of pounds every year. This figure increases with each passing year as video games seem to be growing in popularity. Each new game seems to use the latest in modern technology. On top of this the industry is allowing us to do things with video games that we’ve never been able to do before.

This has even developed to the stage now where developers have made games with advanced AI. The forthcoming Super Mario Advance game is a good example of this. An inbuilt AI allows Mario to make his own decisions in the game based on his circumstances. This is a precedent-setting move for the future of video games and is sure to attract more fans.

Perhaps the most popular type of video gaming is console gaming. Games consoles dominate the gaming market. There’s constant war between the three major players Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Every few years new and updated consoles hit the market, allowing players to do even more than they could before.

But despite the dominance of console gaming there is still a large and popular market for other forms of gaming. Consoles and their games are expensive and are becoming more so with each passing year. As a result, you may decide that you don’t want to or can’t afford to get a games console. If you are somebody who doesn’t have a console or doesn’t enjoy console gaming then you still have other choices. Here are some of the options that you can use for video gaming without needing to own a games console.


Handheld gaming has always been popular. In fact, it predated the console in many ways with the Nintendo Game Boy. This proved one of the most popular and best-selling gaming devices in the world. Game Boy’s are still popular today and though discontinued can still be picked up on the preowned market.

Manufacturers have understood that gamers want convenience and efficiency. As a result, they have developed new handheld gaming options. The Nintendo DS and PSP are some examples of the latest in handheld gaming technology. These even have small pen devices to play some of the games as they have touch screen capabilities.

If you seek a convenient and transportable option to fulfil your gaming needs, then you could do a lot worse than going handheld. These are perfect for long journeys as they will keep you occupied for hours. If you have kids, then handheld gaming options could prove invaluable and may save you a whole heap of stress.


One of the best and newest forms of gaming that you can do without a console is online gaming. The internet has made possibilities endless in terms of what is possible to do. And even with a console there are still areas in which it is possible to make use of online gaming. Though this is more connecting with fellow users to play against one another.

Online gaming itself is a much more open and accessible gaming market. People who aren’t avid gamers can enjoy online gaming just as much as those who are. The great thing about online gaming is the sheer volume of choice that is available. Anybody should be able to find an online game to suit their needs and desires. There are puzzle games and racing games. Truck games and shoot ‘em ups. Role playing games and platform games. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The other great thing about online gaming is that it is free to do. As long as you have an internet connection you should be able to go online and find free games. These might be games that you can download for free onto a device. Or they could be games that you can play online. Online gaming has transformed the gaming industry and has opened up video gaming to a whole new audience of users.


An old-school method of playing video games without a console is to visit an arcade. Arcades were huge in the 1980’s and 1990’s but have since been surpassed by home gaming. Despite this there are still some around, and they remain popular among young players. You should be able to find a local arcade in most towns and cities. They are often associated with pier attractions though it’s likely if you live in a big city you’ll have no problems finding one too.

If you visit an arcade you will find a decent selection of video games to play. These often tend to be shooting games and racing games. But you can get other sorts too. One of the drawbacks to arcades is that they can be expensive. You will often have to pay per turn, and you could end up spending a lot of money in a short space of time.

Arcades are also less convenient than other forms of gaming as they mean leaving the house. You can’t play from the comfort of your own room, and you may have to travel for a while to reach one.

PC or Laptop

There is still a huge audience for PC and laptop gaming. In fact, PC games have stood up well against the onslaught of console gaming. There are a lot of games available on the PC that aren’t available on consoles. And people who play PC games often enjoy playing games that involve mouse clicks as opposed to a control pad.

Classic PC games such as The Sims or Football Manager ranges always perform well. But it was with the release of World of Warcraft that things got serious for PC gamers. World of Warcraft (WoW) changed the face of PC gaming. It also allowed users to play over the internet and interact with fellow players across the globe.

PC games also will often work out to be much cheaper than console games. They are often games that involve problem-solving, role playing or acts of skill. For this reason, they tend to appeal to a different sort of demographic to console games.

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