Sparta War of Empires Information

Sparta: War of Empires is a great free strategy game for PC, that will take you to ancient Greece during the siege of Xerxes and his Persian army.

The task of the players is to cooperate and form coalitions, trade and negotiate with other cities wisely, use diplomacy with your rivals to avoid any unwanted war. But also do the opposite and start fighting against every opponent that you stand in your way. It is like any strategy game as each player makes his own decisions.

It’s one of those games you have to work hard for victory, starting from the beginning to have resources to expand your army also where you’ll find players who will have to cooperate and form coalitions, trade and negotiate with other cities.

Undoubtedly it is an ideal place for lovers of the genre game, plus the particularity that is the story of the film 300, those indomitable Spartan who dared to fight the massive army of Xerxes.

It has interesting features such as those that you have to train an army to defend your lands and conquer your opponents, sign agreements and also learn the technology from other cities. Use diplomacy to ally and become stronger, but as I said above you can choose otherwise and against other players in terrible battles.

But most important of Sparta War of Empires is undoubtedly the face to the tyrant Xerxes, with his mighty army Persian .It won’t be easy so it is essential to make allies to increase the number of your soldiers to be more effective in combat.

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