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Three Classic Games Revamped

As with many items in modern life, the original ‘vintage’ options keep coming through the trends, from fashion to TV and even video games. They may have a smart new look, but they retain that beauty that we all knew and loved from the originals. So to celebrate these marvellous transformations, here are some of the best classic games that have been revamped for a modern audience.


To kick things off we are going to start with a vintage board game, turned video game money maker. Monopoly has been a household staple since the 1930’s – yes it really is the ultimate vintage game. As with many of our most loved games from days gone by, they have moved into the virtual world for today’s audience. Monopoly has now entered the world of online casinos, bringing us a new take on a game that is all about making money.

As classic games go, this slots based game is great for novices and casino regulars alike and offers all the thrills of the original game with effortless graphics and fun bonuses.

Super Mario Bros

There have been many classic video game series that have just stuck to their original look and feel, but not Super Mario Bros. Our favourite plumbers have evolved over the years, into one of the biggest video game franchises ever to exist. One of the best things about the Mario games is that they have been consistently developed over the years, leading to the high quality graphics, modern functionality and gameplay that we see from them today. When the Mario Brothers first graced onto our screens in the 1980’s, they were as fun as they are today, travelling through lands of drainpipes and using the same mushrooms as companions you find today.

Pac Man

From one 80’s classic to the next! What list of classic games that have been premastered wouldn’t be complete without Pac Man? This is the ultimate vintage game that had thousands of people glued to the arcades 30 years ago. Well to start off with, we no longer have to leave the comfort of our homes to play this game.

The beauty of the re-mastered version is that it is just so similar to the original, the graphics are sharper and the colours are brighter, but the game is the same. Let’s face it why would you want to change it? The modern touches have brought us an online leader board, replacing the high score monitor and the speed of play is significantly faster, letting you destroy the ghosts in a matter of seconds.

Whatever your choice of classic games, there are literally hundreds that are coming back into fashion. Whether you are playing on your smartphones, tablets or consoles, heading back to the past is the latest craze.

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