Dragon Eternity Review

There’s one thing you should know about “Dragon Eternity” right off the bat, it’s an MMORPG that’s genuinely cross-play compatible.  In other words, people can play on a PC (via their browser) or even load it up on a mobile device.  Even better still, it’s a free-to-play game, which should probably make this a “have-to-play” title if you’re into the genre, that is.

Dragon Eternity Review -

As far as the story is concerned, it’s a tale of two empires, the Sadar and Vaalor, who are engaged in a struggle for an area known as the Tart Continent.  However, things quickly change when a new foe enters the fray, an ancient enemy.  They essentially wish to curse all life on the dragon world, something which neither of the formerly opposed groups wishes to see come to light.


In terms of its graphical style, DE plays like a mix between a landscape-oriented strategy game and a light JRPG of sorts.  In other words, there’s plenty of fun roaming around, but at the same you can also engage in random turned-based combat as well.  It might not be a combination that some are interested in, or even used to, but for the person who enjoys a more deliberately-paced game with occasional moments of action, it’s very stimulating.  Artistically speaking, the game features the sort of characters and environments which one might say are slightly generic, but that’s part of its charm too – a title that leans more toward the strategy genre as opposed to free-wheeling open world exploration from the first-person perspective.

Dragon Eternity Review


As previously mentioned, the game’s basic design means that its gameplay and visuals are neatly interwoven into one neat UI.  At any rate, the goal is always the same, collect things, become stronger, complete quests, you know the drill.  You’re going to fight with monters and even engage in large-scale battles perhaps among other players, but there are also plenty of mini-games too.  Moreover, everything takes place spread out across a map containing no less than 38 locations which run the gamut from luscious forests and tropical paradises to rocky cliffs and deserts.  This essentially means that you’ll spend a lot of time investigating caves and bandit camps and so forth, nothing particularly unexpected.  Additionally, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of weapons, armor, tools and objects to find, each of which possesses its own unique benefits.  You can even summon creatures to come to your aid in battle (including dragons and other types of large menacing beasts).


Obviously, not everyone is going to like this game due to the sort of gameplay / UI it utilizes, which is more angled toward those who like traditional RPG’s.  However, it is an MMORPG which works well and is visually entertaining.  Dragon Eternity is perhaps a good game for periods of leisure, not necessarily the epic adventure that many might have been hoping it was going to be.  Nevertheless, it’s a fun game that you might want to try out for yourself; it is free-to-play, after all.

Rating – 7.2 / 10

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