EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Many people lost their essential data once or several times due to unexpected things. It may happen due to virus attacks or a kid press wrong button while you are away, or maybe your window is corrupt. If the data goes to recycle bin, you can easily restore it but have you even think if the files permanently deleted from the recycle bin. What will you do? Most of you people got panic and did not know that how to recover these permanently deleted files.’ In this situation, how you will take necessary measures that will help in hard drive recovery to store your precious data? EaseUS Data Recovery is here to assist you in getting rid of panic times while providing you with the best data recovery features.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8

As EaseUS we care for our users hence bring the latest version for hard drive recovery called free wizard 12.8. People hesitate to spend money, so this new version offers you a free download with 2GB data for retrieval without any cost. This amazing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is useful and effective software because it provides the fastest data recovery without any complications for your mac, personal computers, and mobile phones and so on. Yes, this is true that is can recover files from any device. Like you can use it for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, AND EMAIL recovery. These all come with free as well as pro plans. Pro plans include more features than an open plan. Another interesting thing about wizard 12.8 that gives you optimisation options so you can change settings and add filters according to your choice. Its scanning technology is so quick that it recovers file within seconds. Are you also a victim of data loss? Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8 from EaseUS and enjoy!

EaseUS data recovery offers multiple files recovery like pictures, videos, ZIP, JPG/JPEG, DBX, DOC/DOCX, FLV, RAW, MKV, and many more. Whatever you lost from your hard drive you can recover it instantly with any hassle.

How can I do hard drive recovery by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Data recovery from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a straightforward, quick and easy procedure. Just follow these quick steps, and your data will be right back in seconds.

  1. Finding the location:

After downloading the software, finding the location from where your files get deleted is the very first step. Going to the location press the button of search.

  1. Scanning the files:

The second step after searching is scanning. Click on scanning on the device for hardware data recovery. You can pause or stop the scanning files whenever you want. If some urgent work comes in your way, you can pause it and resume when you get free.

  1. Files recovery:

The last step is recovery after scanning. At this step, our latest software gives you a detailed list of all lost data. You can recover all file at the same time or select the desired one for the recovery process. Now retrieve your data, save it and feel free of burden.

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