Recruitment Tech: Transforming Marketing Talent

Online job applications are one of the main ways people are finding jobs today, with 90% of Britain’s households online. In fact, the government almost exclusively hire via their online service, demonstrating the nation’s reliance on the ‘net at the highest level.

Because of this, innovation in recruitment is booming and that’s having a great effect on marketing talent. Here are some of the latest industry trends.

Social Media

The recruitment industry is exploiting several of the trends in internet usage being exhibited. A big part of this is social media. 75% of millennials use it and older age groups are increasingly taking part, too. It’s clear there’s a huge hole to exploit there for recruiters. The crossover with marketing is obvious here – social media is a huge tool for digital marketers to exploit.

Recruitment Software

Bespoke software forms a part of every notable recruitment agency’s arsenal and the benefits of that help to get the best talent through for digital marketers. By only screening applicants with specific skills a lot of the chaff can be removed. This saves on time, costs and improves relationships between recruiters and the hiring marketers due to the improved reputation a recruitment agent can develop through producing highly talented candidates.


Since 2002, highly targeted recruitment startups have been set up by specifically skilled people have taken a niche in the market; that is, finding suitably educated people and pairing them with skills to fill the criteria exactly. With digital marketing requiring people who can combine not just ‘classic’ jobs skills, like work ethic, literacy and good initiative, but need to be tech-savvy too, the opportunity to have a dedicated system providing exactly the right person, rather than employing a scattershot filter approach, cannot be underestimated.

Automated Recruitment

Automation is a huge upcoming trend in all job markets, not just recruitment. There has always been some level of automation in recruitment; screening for specific skills, computerised pre-interview assessments, and the like. Innovators and technologists are arguably taking this to the next level, however, and it has been mooted that computers could take over recruitment and use complex algorithms to select the very best talent for any industry. This sort technology may have a large initial outlay but offers huge savings in time, money and paper costs.

The technology through which marketers can find the very best talent is, arguably, being created naturally; as the internet becomes native to many people, the technologies to integrate it into your life do, too, and with that, seamless digital recruitment.

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