Evany: Key to a Distant Land (AKA Crystal Key 2: The Far Realm)

TITLE Evany: Key to a Distant Land (AKA Crystal Key 2: The Far Realm)
GENRE Adventure
DEVELOPER Earthlight Productions
US PUBLISHER The Adventure Company
UK PUBLISHER Dreamcatcher

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 27 Nov-2003

SCREENS ADDED: 29 Sep-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

A malevolent power has stolen control of all the souls of Evany, and you alone have survived. With the help of a star portal left behind by a mysterious visitor, you escape your imprisoned planet and find yourself alone in a vast galaxy of unknown worlds, desperate to find help for your beleaguered home.

Journey to an island of robots, a mysterious abandoned desert dwelling, and the sparkling glass towers of the Merari, an ancient sea people who are involved in the resistance against the Balial, to solve the mystery behind The Far Realm.

  • The sequel to the best-selling classic adventure game The Crystal Key.
  • A huge Sci-Fi fantasy themed game encompassing 47 locations and 10 different environments in 3 different worlds
  • In-depth story draws you into a universe of different species and empires, each with their unique history
  • Engaging tactile, logic and environmental puzzles serve to move the story forward
  • Experience rich, evocative environments through the eyes of the two main characters
  • Original soundtrack with positional sound further adds to immerse the player in the game experience

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