Everything You Need To Know About PC Gaming

Have you finally given up on the world of consoles and decided to switch to PC gaming. We wouldn’t blame you because, let’s face it, the latest generation of consoles has been a complete letdown. The WII U failed spectacularly. The Xbox One’s console selling title is only just about to come out. The PS4 hasn’t had any amazing games that haven’t been HD remakes. We might be at the end of the generational console wars. As well as this, it’s hard to ignore the stories that consoles just aren’t as popular anymore. But nevermind because you can still play games on the PC and we think we know your first question.

Are The Graphics Really Better?


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Yes and no. If you buy the latest graphic card, sound cards, colour cards, pokemon cards, then yes the graphics are incredible. You’ll be astounded playing the latest games that you know and love. Remember when the first trailer for GTA V came out? The internet was alive with chatter about how the trailer wasn’t running on current gen. At the time that was the PS3 and Xbox 360. After the game had arrived, people were right. It didn’t look anything like the trailer we had been shown. Then, when the game released on PC it became clear why. In 4K the game looks glorious. Of course, for those of you who don’t care about graphics you’ll be pleased to know you won’t always get them. If you have a console and you buy a console game you can guarantee it will run. But, if you have a PC you might have to upgrade your system first.


Again, it’s worth pointing out GTA. When it didn’t release with the console next gen remakes on PC, a lot of people presumed it wasn’t on the horizon. Many people theorized this was because Rockstar didn’t want to allow mods. Mods are when people make modifications to established games to make them more fun. For instance, you can now crash through San Andreas as the Hulk thanks to a clever gamer. Or, you can soar through the skies as Iron Man. PC gamers can shape and mold a game into whatever they want. Or they can borrow other people’s ideas. The world is your etch sketch board.

What About Servers?

If you want to run a local multiplayer online game on a console, you can go into the settings and see if it’s available. If you want to run one on a PC, you might have to set one up. Minecraft server hosting is particularly useful because it allows a world to be set up where only you and your friends can play. However, you will need to make sure you are using a secure server. Otherwise, you could be hacked, and your payment information might be stolen.

Final Thoughts

Although there have been problems with PC gaming – we’re looking at you Batman – there is no better way to play the latest titles. You’ll get the best graphics, awesome modifications, and fantastic multiplayer experiences. Just as long as you can pay for everything that you need.

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