Fun Games with a Female Touch

Fun Games with a Female Touch 

It is a myth that only men enjoy playing online or video games; there are millions of women across the globe who keep up to date with the latest games. Gaming has become so popular with women, that there are now any games that offer us the female touch and that doesn’t mean they are all about shoes & fashion! No, these games are as action packed as their male counterparts and offer us the chance to escape the world for a while. Here are the top female oriented games this year and why they are so loved.

Lucky Ladies Charm

Lucky Ladies Charm is a slots game with a difference, it is all about us women! The perfect game to get stuck into if you are looking to pass the time on your morning commute or lunch break, it is action packed and has a stunning feminine touch. The first thing you will notice is that all the symbols, especially those that pay out, are female orientated, with the top paying symbol – the Lady Symbol. There are main pay lines in this game, but when the Lady Symbol shows up, in a selected pay line, you will be in with the chance of winning the 9000 coin top jackpot – if that isn’t an incentive then we don’t know what is.

The great graphics and quick paced nature of this game makes it a fantastic, adrenaline filled rush from the start.


Mirrors Edge

Mirrors Edge is a game for those of you who are used to laying first person shooters, used to handling a game with ease. This female lead free running game blends together traditional fighting games with a hint of sports based games. You will become invested in this game, making it the perfect choice for whiling away the hours in the evening. The main thing you will need is the ability to control the character flawlessly, meaning a high level of hand/eye coordination is needed. You will be controlling the female protagonist as she leaps over roof tops, down drain pipes and over any obstacle thrown in her way – you will need to be quick off the mark.

This game is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


The Wii Fit

Technically this isn’t a female oriented game, but it is one of the best pieces of gaming tech to be released for women (and men, too). The wonderful world of Wii Fit is the perfect console accessory to emphasize and educate us about fitness, get us physically active and help us to maintain our fitness during our busy lives – which is why it is loved by many women across the globe. The original Wii Fit game comes with a balance board and a handful of useful movement exercises. However there are now many more games, such as yoga that are helpful to give us a well-rounded workout from the comfort of our own homes.

Plus, the Hula Hoop is really fun.


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