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Rating Mobile Versus Browser-based Casino Games

In the past decade the casino industry has made many successful inroads into the online gaming domain with a succession of companies bringing a massive range of traditional table and slots games to a new generation of players.

But despite the ever-growing selection of mobile casino games on offer, there is still some dispute as to whether people prefer playing via a web browser, or advocate playing via an specialised gaming app.

Browser-based casino games

The concept of playing popular card games via a web browser has been with us for many years. Not only do they not require any downloading that takes time and can clog up a device, but they are great for casual gaming in that they provide flexibility and cross-platform functionality that make them perfect for a quick playing session.

Thanks to the rise of HTML5 technology, there’s also a good degree of security on these browser-based gaming sites. And ultimately the browser-based game can function ‘as is’ and therefore requires very little in the way of updates, and can of course be played on devices other than your own.

Mobile casino games

But despite the ease and flexibility of browser-based gaming entertainment, there are many who insist that we are moving into an app-dependent age. With the likes of Forbes magazine declaring that the mobile browser is dead, and that people are instead turning to native apps, it seems that many casino gamers are turning towards mobile apps for their gaming entertainment.

As such there’s been a huge rise in mobile casino games with the one created by LadyLucks showing us that touch screen casino games are in in a big way thanks to the way in which they offer an all-in-one casino gaming entertainment package that’s perfectly suited towards the user’s individual device.

Furthermore many of these mobile casino gaming apps are able to offer an extra level of customer support through push notifications so as to let players know about special promotions and new games that are available through the native app. And by allowing the user to download a series of updates, it’s clear that the mobile casino gaming app provide a thorough and comprehensive gaming option.

In conclusion

But ultimately it depends on the player and the context of their gameplay that determines whether they’ll head to a browser or mobile app-based casino games. And as long as gamers want a quick game of slots, or a more immersive poker session, it’s clear that both gaming technologies will be around for some time.

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