Why More Of Your Gaming Time Should Be Spent Socially

If you’re into gaming, tabletops and video games, it’s all too easy to get a bit reclusive with it. To throw yourself wholeheartedly into the passion. To the point where socializing becomes something of a distraction. That said, there really is nothing better than being able to share that passion with people who really get it. There’s no better time to remind yourself that some of the best gaming experiences are those that are enjoyed with friends. So here’s why you should consider getting more into organizing some social nerdery.


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Build a guild

Nowadays, online gaming purports to be able to connect you with thousands of people. It promises that you can create rivalries and friendships on the spot. However, it’s not always that easy. In fact, more often than not, people online are nothing more than ships passing in the night. You might occasionally get a chuckle at a username or a solitary message. But you should be willing to create more for yourself. With games like MMOs or even military games like ARMA II or Counter-Strike, it’s easy to build a guild if you can convince friends to come along. How rigid or free-flowing it is depends on you. Giving your friends that shared sense of responsibility can make them even more likely to spend more time contributing.


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Enjoy some classic hotseat gaming

The hotseat method of gaming is one that a few people nowadays might not even remember. For some games, there were few multiplayer options besides physically taking turns with your friends. Now, we can look back on all the different multiplayer experiences available. For some, hotseat gaming might actually be the best. There are a lot of reasons to love it. It might be making sure that no-one is screen-peeking on Civilization. Or sitting in anxious terror as a friend throws a well-aimed sheep in Worms. The next time that you and your friends are looking to do something together, consider going for the classic option. There will be cursing and arguments, but it’s worth it just to have them watch in terror as you steamroll them in your turn.


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Get physical with it

If you want a truly social experience, then sometimes you need to put down the headset and move away from video games altogether. Sometimes, instead, you need to be able to share a physical space with them. When people think of tabletop games, they often only think of Dungeons & Dragons. There are plenty of people who think it’s great. However, it’s easy to understand that not everyone wants to pretend to be a half-Drow fighting a gelatinous cube. So look at the other options available. From complicated board games like Settlers of Catan to tactically charged X-Wing miniature games. There are all kinds of physical games that can tickle the nerd inside you. All while giving you an opportunity to just chat, have a beer and enjoy some good company.

No matter how great or creative an experience you might have while gaming, that effect can only be compounded by having people to share it with you. Starting making social gaming a regular part of your hobby. You’ll enjoy it all the more.

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