Game Review: FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush

Endless runners are not a thing of the past. If Flappy Bird taught us anything, it’s that one game can revitalize an entire genre. After playing FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush, I’m convinced that a new revolution is underway – check it out on Poki!

FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush puts real-world superstars in a 3D whirlwind of action. Every round, you will guide a soccer player through Spain. There are cars to dodge, roadblocks to slide under, and wooden targets to smash. One juke in the wrong direction can send an international star slamming into a vehicle. It’s mad fun at every turn.

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The graphics in this game are modern. And by modern, I mean that they look fantastic. Crisp, clear 3D player models are surrounded by landmark buildings in downtown Barcelona. Every player’s jersey is authentic, from the FCB emblem down to their blue, maroon, and yellow socks. Speaking of players…

The All-Star Team
Are you prepared to be the manager of a legendary squad? At the beginning of the game, you can recruit one star athlete without any budgetary constrictions. Choosing between Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Neymar Junior, Andres Iniesta, and Claudio Bravo is not to be taken lightly. Much like in real life, every athlete has a unique attribute that gives them a leg up on the competition (pun intended, in some cases). For example, Andres Iniesta can jump 20% higher than Luis Suarez. But, Suarez’s adrenaline boosts last 30% longer than Iniesta’s. Choices, choices!

Skills and Skills
A plethora of special abilities are within your grasp. As you might expect, there are gold coins to capture during each run. These coins can be spent on 10 different skills, all of which have three tiers of power. Certain skills are active at all times, while others provide temporary boosts. In addition to the usual suspects (stronger magnets, extra lives), there are certain skills that include truly unique benefits. The Manager and Lucky power-ups give you new rewards every day. Some skills only affect one player, and others improve every athlete on your team.

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Questing for Rewards
What good is a game without quests? FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush is loaded with challenges and goals. During a series of runs, you may be challenged to collect a set amount of gold or hit a bunch of targets. Grouped into quests, these challenges act as a campaign for the entire game. If you want to play casually and avoid the quests, you are free to do so. But, completing quests is a very effective route to levelling up quickly and scoring rewards for your squad.

Summing It Up
If you’ve ever played an endless runner, you’ll be familiar with FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush. But, this game is different in several key ways. Each character is based on a real athlete, all of which have special abilities. The levelling system and quests are inspiring and addictive. Plus, the maps are filled with surprises and startling obstacles to test the best players. When you’re ready for fun, join the FCB crew.

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