Cabelas Survival Shadows of Katmai Preview

Cabelas Survival Shadows of Katmai Preview

Cabelas Survival Shadows of Katmai is an upcoming third-person-shooter game from Activision. The game will be available on XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii. The rough Arctic conditions are the setting for this game, and the storm is coming, can you survive? Cold, deserted, and lonely are a few words to describe the Arctic, and the story all begins in the Katmai mountain range. Cabelas Survival Shadows of Katmai actually has the kind of plot that you would expect from a movie. The story is based around one man who is fighting for survival in the remote and hostile wilderness. You play as a character named Logan James.

Whilst the environment in Cabelas Survival Shadows of Katmai is remote and dangerous, it is also breathtakingly divine. Cabelas Survival Shadows of Katmai takes players on a long journey which involves lots of exploring, but along the way you will come across some of the Arctic wildlife, and these aren’t squirrels or dear! Expect to come across many predatory animals such as bears and wolfs, and they won’t be shy to let you know that they want you for supper! But the predatory wildlife isn’t the only things seeking food, you (Logan James) also needs to find food to survive.

The stunning environment, engaging gameplay, and movie-like storyline are just a few reasons we believe this game will have you on the edge of your seat. The game is due for release this month (November).


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