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Gaming Chairs: Useful, Or Just A Waste Of Money?

Millions of people enjoy playing the latest and greatest games on their PCs. While some have their systems hooked up to TVs, most will sit at a desk and use a computer monitor. Part of their setup will involve sitting down on an office chair.

Such chairs are, of course, suitable for those that work in an office. That’s because workers will spend a lot of time away from their desks. But, gamers will often spend hours on end sat on an office chair.

As you can appreciate, this won’t do their health or posture, for that matter, any good. One solution that some firms have come up with is to sell a gaming chair. Do they offer a real way to solve the problem, or are they just a waste of time and money?


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The truth is gaming chairs offer far more benefits than their office counterparts. Here’s why:

They get designed for long-term use

Most people only use office chairs for a small amount of time each day. They spend the majority of their day walking around or doing stuff away from their desks. Some people will even spend most of their time away from the office!

When you spend several hours on end sitting on an office chair, one thing becomes apparent. You’ll end up with back pain and a headache for your troubles! Long-term use of an office chair can further exacerbate those symptoms.

The role of gaming chairs is to make gamers feel more comfortable. Each unit offers better support for a person’s back and spine. Regardless of their posture or size. That means one can happily spend several hours playing Call of Duty on their PC!

They are stylish

One thing I dislike about office chairs is how “corporate” they look. Yes, I know, they get designed for that reason. But, their style is rather out of place in one’s home! An advantage of having a gaming chair is how stylish they look in any room.


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It doesn’t matter if you have one in your bedroom, living room or study. They only add to the gaming experience and not detract from it.

They keep you gripped

Some types of office chair will have you sliding around. Especially if you are playing racing games and move your body along with your on-screen car!

Most gaming chairs are a hybrid version of vehicle bucket seats, believe it or not. They get adapted to fit the “legs” of a typical office chair rather than car seat runners.

The beauty of sitting in a gaming chair is how gripped you feel! It might sound odd, but when you’re gaming, you feel more immersed in the game you’re playing.

They last longer

Another main selling point of gaming chairs is how they offer good durability. They will often outlast their office chair counterparts by several years.

Although the cost of gaming chairs is higher than office ones, the total cost of ownership is lower. So, if you want a dependable chair to use while gaming, you need one dedicated to the purpose!

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