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4 Xbox One Games You Should Already Own

We thought there might have been a battle when Sony announced they would release their new PlayStation 4 in the same week as Microsoft’s Xbox One hit the stores. However, there seems to have been a clear winner already. While the PS4 might well have sold over 7 million units in three months, the Xbox One has exceeded that amount and looks set to double it by Christmas. With that in mind, we decided to write and publish this short post today in the hope of highlighting some of the most popular games you shouldn’t miss. To be honest, if you consider yourself a serious gamer, you might have them already, but if not, this post could help you to decide on your next purchase.

Of course, which games you choose to buy this year will depend heavily on your own personal tastes. Even so, take it from us; the ones mentioned in this article will not disappoint. Regardless of whether you like driving simulators, first person shooters or strategy games, there’s something for everyone listed below…

1. Need for Speed Rivals

Ever since the release of Need for Speed Underground back in the early 2000’s, this selection of games have been very popular amongst people who like an arcade-style experience. While the graphics and general operations have improved significantly since then, the same basic premise stands tall today. So, if you loved Underground, Hot Pursuit or Underground 2, you need to pick up a copy of Rivals as soon as possible.

2. Ryse: Son of Rome

Here’s one for all the strategy game lovers out there. Think of it as a cross between The Sims, Simcity and the best war simulator you’ve ever come across. Sure, it might take the best part of a month to get anywhere, but if you like that sort of thing, there’s no better alternative on the market at the moment. With stunning graphics and interactive landscapes, you can’t go wrong.

3. Call of Duty Ghosts

The Call of Duty series is one of the most successful ever created, so it should come as no surprise that Ghosts is one of the best games around at the moment. Users are able to play online in an arcade-style environment or complete a standard game with some of the coolest twists and turns imaginable. Just don’t forget to refill your guns with ammo every time you get out of harm’s way, as that is a manual action when playing this game.

4. Trials Fusion

Motorbike games can be a little hit and miss as we’re sure you’re all aware. Sometimes developers get it right though, and that’s exactly what you can expect from Trials Fusion. Ever wanted to ride a trial bike over some of the most recognisable landmarks in the world? Well, now you can from the comfort of your own home using this cool platform.

So there you have it folks. You should now struggle a bit less when it comes to visiting your local video game shop this weekend.

Have fun!

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