2XL Supercross Cheats

Steam achievements:
Air Delivery – Spent one hour in the air total.
Benchmark – Complete 10 events.
Casual Gamer – Play for one hour total.
Country Drive – Ride fifty miles total.
Dare Devil – Land a backflip in a race you come in first place.
First Supercross Race – Complete a Supercross race.
First Supercross Win – Win your first Supercross race.
Friendly Skies – Fly one mile through the air total.
Game Addict – Play for ten hours total.
Ghost Rider – Complete one Time Trial lap.
Hardcore Gamer – Play for five hours total.
In the Zone – Improve on your fastest Time Trial on three consecutive laps.
Marathon – Ride one hundred miles total.
Practice Makes Perfect – Complete five Time Trial laps.
Pro Ghost – Complete ten Time Trial laps.
Serious Gamer – Play for two and a half hours total.
Spring Boost – Preload five times in a single race event.
Supercross Win Streak – Win three Supercross races in a row.
Weekend Trip – Ride ten miles total.

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