Airport Mania: First Flight Cheats

Paper Airplane mode:
Complete all 48 levels to unlock “Paper Airplane mode” at the “Options” menu.

Give planes with an emergency (such as “organs transplant” or “baby delivering immediately”) priority because they will get very impatient, and you will be awarded a medal.

-Serve thelarger planes after the small planes if possible to get a larger combo bonus. Also, large planes are more impatient.

-Try to buy a repainting plot so you can make all your gateways reach a 4x combo of each color. This is the maximum, and you will get the most combo points and a medal at the end.

Hidden cinematics:
All airport locations have a “hot spot” that you can click on for cinematics, dialog, and other hidden features. For example, click the church at Happy Valley Municipal.

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