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Anno 2070 Review

Strategy and simulation fans rejoice! Anno 2070 has just arrived. So what is Anno 2070, and what kind of game is it exactly?  Well as you might have already gleaned, Anno 2070 is a strategy and simulation game which focuses on building and maintaining an empire in the face of a crisis, or rather multiple calamities.  We’ve all played similar titles before, right?  The real question is, will Anno 2070 give us something to truly look forward to or will it be just another bland impostor?  Read on to find out.

In Anno 2070 the world is in tatters due to problems with the environment (rising sea levels), as a result, large tracts of once hospitable terrain is now defunct.  So, humanity has even more problems to deal with and it’s up to you with your broad access to technology, organization, and resources to do something about it.   This title isn’t just a cut and paste affair however, you’ll have to engage in diplomatic talks, economic maneuvers, as well as trade resources in order to accomplish your primary goals.  Anno 2070 is a game that makes you think, and isn’t ashamed about it.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of decisions that can/need to be made, many of which will lead you to ever greater capabilities.  Anno 2070 is of course just the latest game in the series, but it is breaking new ground in the way it allows you to build nearly anything or everything; yes, this includes sprawling mega-cities.  You can even engage in smuggling operations, if you so desire.

The main thing to take away from Anno 2070 is that you have complete control and an almost unlimited number of possibilities at your disposal.   This inventive title really makes you think, and is perfect for gamers who have grown weary of sports or shooters.

Rating – 9 / 10

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