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Can Games Help You become More Intelligent?

Video games are considered to be very bad for the user. Playing violent and aggressive games are considered the cause for some erratic behaviour, particularly in children.

However, not all video games are really that bad. In fact, the people that play more video games actually process visual information a lot faster than those who have never played. We have entered a world filled with technology and gaming sites such as, there are plenty of weird and wonderful gadgets that a lot of us can’t get our head around. Those that spend a lot of their time glued to a game controller are the only people that surpass when it comes to visual technology and understanding.

We can go as far to say that video games be actually be beneficial for the brain and for the individual in general. So can computer games really increase your intelligence, capacity for learning and your memory?

Discoveries have shown that playing games like Tetris or those of a similar nature, can actually lead to a much smarter brain than those who have never played. It’s suggested that as players become better and better at certain games, their glucose consumption actually decreases.

A lot of video games can drastically improve hand eye coordination and problem solving. When a child is playing a computer game, it is solely down to them to fathom the problem. How will they get to the next level? How do they kill the bad guy? What must they over come? Video games actually teach children and other adults to become more active thinkers.

Sim city is considered to teach those playing about the basic functions of city life and how to solve problems efficiently. Guitar hero is thought to improve aptitude even though you’re not actually learning a musical instrument. You just commit to the memory of the tempo, speed and get better and better over time. This is a great way to enhance coordination and to programme your brain to think a lot quicker.

Games that use planning and strategy such as Total War and Sudoku improve memory performance and intelligence. All of these games require people to act, solve situations and press forward. The goal is to complete, to reach the end and be the winner. If you really break it down and think about it like this, computer games are actually a great thing for the mind.

We are drowning in social media as we speak, and reports have shown that using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media site, can actually decrease your mental capacity. As the messages are so short, they do not provide any useful information and do not enhance the mind at all. In fact, we are more likely to become more irritated by social comments than we are running away from an axe wielding troll on a computer game.

It definitely isn’t advised to go ahead and play computer games all day and all night. It’s important to have social experiences and not remain glued to a television screen, however, in moderation, there’s no harm in playing the odd computer game or two.

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