7 of the Most Wanted Football Games for PS3

Football games sales for consoles seem to be growing year upon year. The attraction of being your supported team on a computer seems to be as strong as ever! However, the competition has only ever been between PES and FIFA,  which for many years the plaudits go to FIFA. Going back 3-4 years, there was a surge in sales from Pro Evolution Soccer that saw it overtake FIFA, to be what seemed the number one ranked football game. Lets have a look at 7 of the most wanted football games for PS3:


It goes without saying that Fifa 11 was absolutely brilliant! It was a fresh approach to football games on console and it had all the little details which made it feel quite real and as if we were watching a football game.


This edition of Fifa was a real surprise to most fans. Instead of building on top of FIFA 11, the EA team had taken steps in different directions. Nobody really expected to see such a change in the game and it also changed the overall feel of the franchise.


FIFA 13 wasnt the game to wreck FIFA‘s upwards momentum. It had new features that may have seemed small, but they cemented FIFA’s status as the world’s best football game both on and off the pitch!


This was a slower, more considered take on football that rewards careful build up play and thoughtful strategy over brash tactics, and boy was it all the better for it! This is a great alternative if you find it too expensive to go and buy Bayern tickets or tickets for a world class team. Fifa 14 is so realistic, it feels as if you are there playing yourself.

FIFAstreet 3

The FIFA Street series was sadly, one of the first Street games to show signs of things going awry. After a two-year break from the concrete pitch, they came back with a third entry hoping to prove that arcade football can find new life on this round of consoles.

In my opinion they succeeded and football fans went mad for it.

PES 2010(Pro Evolution Soccer)

If you wanted more of a challenging, tactical experience with long-term rewards, then PES 2010 was the game for you. If you bought 2009 version though, you may of been put off. All things considered, sales rocketed and people still gave the brand a second chance!

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

With every World Cup came another EA Sports-made football title. For South African World Cup, that meant the release of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. This was a game that, despite its unattractive name, did a good job of presenting some of the same great football action seen in FIFA 10.

Football games on consoles have always and will always be a great hit with the general public. The games improve dramatically each year which keeps customers intrigued. It makes you wonder how far these games will develop within the next 5 years.

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