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Blade Of Chaos:
When you are in the Rivertown map, go to Dwarven Village and Dwarven Hills. Find a cave with an entrance that is blocked by rocks. Keep moving them from cave’s entrance until you can enter. You will find a sword called “Blade Of Chaos”. This sword is very powerful. However, its features and abilities are random. Each time you start a new game, this sword changes. If the sword has the “Frost” ability, keep it. When you hit enemies they will enter a freeze state. They cannot hit you and this is useful when facing strong enemies.

When you have a number of charms in your inventory, you can put them all onto a one-slotted weapon or armor and get the effects of all of them. Go to your weapon display, click on the charmable weapon so that it brings up the plate with the charm slots, then keep clicking on the weapon to bring up multiple charm slot plates. Once you have enough, drop one charm into each plate and close them as soon as you finish. You can put nearly unlimited charms on this way, however open all the plates before you start charming. Any that you open afterwards will have the charms already inserted. Also, you can only do this once per charmable weapon/armor, assuming that you exceed the available charm slots on the equipment.

Do not put any charms you find in the game. Charms are very different in their effect. Charms have three different colors: red, blue, and yellow. You need to keep yellow charms and put them on your equipment. Try to not sell yellow charms. If you see a charm’s price is high, it indicates that it is very valuable and is probably best kept instead of sold.

Portable bed:
Sleeping is a cheaper to restore life or mana than drinking potions. Do this often, especially after a strong fight. You can use a bed or straw, by teleporting to it, sleeping, and teleporting back. However, there is a easier way. The trick involves the method used to create a straw bed (unfolding the first straw bunch, then moving a second one into it) at the ground. However, this also works in your inventory. You can have a bed anywhere and at any time. However, this method has two downsides: the weight of the straw and the inability to move unfolded straw into your inventory. The solution for these downsides is the real portable bed. Normally a bed is unmovable, but there is a at least one bed, which is movable. You can move it into your inventory (and out and back in again as desired). This particular bed, which looks exactly like the usual beds, is weightless. To find it, go to the lonely house between the cursed abbey and the church (both are north of the farmland), directly next to the river. To get inside the house, you need level 1 Lock Pick skill.

Level up skills faster:
When you obtain a skill book (for example: Banish, Freeze, Poison Cloud, Hell Spikes, etc.) keep it in your inventory (spells and scrolls). Save the game before you start to duplicate it. After game is saved, drop the skill book that you want to level-up from your inventory, then save this as a test saved game. Go to your save game folder (that you saved before dropping the skill book) and copy all six INV items and paste them into your test saved game. When you reload you test saved game, your old saved game inventory will be in your test saved game and that your skill book will still be on the ground. Repeat this until you have a total of five or more skill books. Then, click on the skill books (five times for the maximum level 5 ) in your inventory to learn it as usual.

To get more skills, experience and statistics, complete a quest and save before you before you inform the person that gave you the quest. Talk to that person, get the bonuses, then make a new saved game. Quit and go to your “savegames” folder. Go to your first saved game (created before you informed the person that gave you the quest). Copy everything inside it except the “data.000” file and paste it on the second saved game (after you informed the person that gave you the quest to get the bonuses). To get more bonuses, spare your first saved game and repeat the process. This also works at the Wishing Well.

Easy money:
You can buy Dwarven Ale for 5 gold from Rimmer Dall at the Dwarven village. You can then sell it to the anyone for 47 gold.

Do not leave any items that you find (for example, kitchen items). Carry them to the nearest store or person who you can trade with. Sell your unwanted equipments.

Escape from prisons easily:
Visit Commander Ralph’s place and enter a hatch that leads to a prison. Walk into both of the prisons and drop a few lockpicks on the ground. The next time you are imprisoned, use those lockpicks with your Lockpick Skill (minimum level 3) and pick the locked door to escape. Your belongings are in the chest outside the prison. Note: You can steal any thing without getting caught by the guards any more because they still think that you are a prisoner.

Defeating Burleigh:
If your character is not powerful enough to defeat Burleigh the bar fighter bare-handed, try this trick. Get into the ring without permission to fight Burleigh. Drop everything you would need for the fight (your weapon, armor, and potions). Then, get permission from the man outside the ring and start fighting. During the fight, take everything on the ground and defeat him.

Control Bosses:
Two of the most powerful skills are Resurrect and Aura of Command. With these two skills, you can have some of the best creatures fight for you. Kill a Boss-like creature, then resurrect him. Next, cast Aura Of Command on him. He will join your team and protect you. Try this on the dead Dragonrider south of Aleroth and the Protector of the Cyclops Eye (he conjures conjurers). Anything that leaves a carcass can aid your fight.

Steal George’s items:
At the beginning of the game when you first visit George’s shop, ask to see some of the herb he wants. While he is in the other room, you can steal all of his items on display (including the giant sword and more).

Recommended warrior development:
When playing as a warrior class, do not waste your stat points on Intelligence. Use them on Strength, Agility, and Life and Stamina. You do not need to cast large mana consuming spells.

Warrior: Invisible attack:

When playing as a warrior class character, have an invisibility skill (for example, Embrace Shadow), invisibility spell (for example, Fade From Sight), or Shadow potions. Become invisible, then use your special move (Spinning Attack). The enemies will get hit, but you will not lose your invisibility.

Item duplication:
Go to your latest saved game and drop everything you do not want to lose on the ground (from Inventory and Equipment). Quest items and money must be included. Do not drop your Pyramids on the ground and also make sure both Pyramids are in your inventory. Save this as a test save game. Next, go back to a save game where you have the item that you lost. (for example, Explosive Keg). Go to your save game folders and copy all six INV items from your old save game and paste them into your test save game. When you reload, your old save game inventory will be in your new game, and all your good items will still be on the ground.

Find an item to be duplicated, the save the game. Then, click on the item so that you will be holding it with the mouse pointer. While holding the item, press L to display the load screen. Move the mouse into the load window then click the game save that you just saved. Notice that the item remains stuck to the mouse as long as you do not let the pointer leave the load window. Press [Enter] two times to load that game. Once it is loaded, open your inventory. Notice that the number of that item has doubled. Note: Sometimes after the game loads, the item will be lying on the ground. Also, this can be done with the quicksave function. Just quicksave, pick up the item, then quickload.

Run while carrying more weight:
When you carry many items (for example, armors, weapons, potions, etc. ), your weight become heavier. Drink as many Strength Potions (five or more) before you cannot run or pick up items on the ground. The higher strength you have, the more weight you can carry. After your strength increases, you still can run while carrying more weight to any destination.

Stamina and speed with Survivor:
When using a Survivor, look for a Frog Statuette. Then, use your Special Move and click on the Frog Statuette to turn into a frog. The frog will be invisible. Use all its stamina and right click to change back to a human. You will have full stamina instead of no stamina. However, you will also have the speed of the frog and its slow stamina consumption too. To disable this, change into any animal without using your Special Move. Then, change back to human. Note: Your stamina will fall to zero again.

Easy money:
Type a negative value when you drop your gold. For example, “-1” instead of “1”. This can also work for stackable items such as potions, etc.

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