Dragon Fable Cheats

Secret Moglin shop:
Talk to Twilly in the town of Falconreach. Select the “Reward Shop” option. He will tell you about the shop and ask for a password. Enter kthxHat! as the password. The shop sells Zorbak’s, Twilly’s, and Twig’s helms.

Get two Artix on team:
In Falconreach get Artix as friend B. Then, go to Amityvale. Go east until you reach a fork in the path. Use the bottom path. Do the quest. At the end, you will kill a Boss and Atrix will be friend A and B.

Flying characters:
When you go to travel, go up to the Griffin, but do not select where you want to go. For example, if want to go to Amityville, click below it so you start walking, then quickly choose “Amityville” before it disappears. The Griffin should take off and you should be floating in the air.

Angler’s Rage:

Go to any barber shop in any city, but Lolosia is recommended. Wear the Angler Suit. Get it by the lake to fish. Sit down on the barber shop’s seat. For a few seconds, your character should go berserk, first dying, then getting up, attacking, throwing a dagger, then finally standing with a fishing pole. This can be done as many times as desired.

Easy experience:
Go to the right of town. Then, go to Yulgar’s shop. Enter do the mill quest. Kill all the Seed Spitters to gain a lot of experience.

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go there. Go to the right. Keep going until you see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back. Go in there. This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of money. Repeat it as many times as desired.

If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar’s shop in Falconreach. Buy the static for 6 gold. Then, go back until you get to the part with the inn. On the top right of the map, click on “Challenge”. You can get a lot of experience points by doing this.

Use the following trick for good experience at level 9 or higher. If you have a strong weapon, go to Willowshire. Go to the tower. Go to any of the gem keys and fight the monsters.

Red: 1380 experience points.
Blue: 975 experience points.
Green: 1380 experience points.
Yellow: 1040 experience points.

Note: The Tiger Hogs (Togs) appear in threes. Be careful and bring a powerful energy weapon, such as Gigawat.

Use the following trick for easy undead slayer badges and experience. First, make sure you have a very decent light weapon, and if desired a good light pet. Fly to the Necropolis then invite Artix to your group. Talk to him about quests, then select the “Save Moonridge!” quest. Click the “To Battle!” icon. You should be put in front of a row of undead. Fight them. Every time you fight one, make sure to use Artix’s Holy Light attack. Beware of the Necroslimes, because they are not weak against fire and not light. Everytime your Artix is running low on mana, simply talk to Artix, uninvite all your party members, then just reinvite him.

Get Valencia (8 to 18 damage) and Artix (5 to 30 damage). Get the Dragonlord armor. Train all of it then equip it. Also get a good energy (for example, lightning) weapon and make your pet a energy element (for example, elementizing your dragon). A good energy weapon to try is a level 17 weapon called “Twin Crescent Blade”. Go to Voltabolt and do his quests. If done under the Extreme difficulty, you will get more than 1,000 experience points They are worth slightly more than 600 experience points under the Normal difficulty. Repeat this to level up easily. You can also get the ingredients to make a pet while doing this.

Go to Falcon Reach after you are at least level 8. Get Artix and Ash as your friends. You can optionally get a pet. Travel to Amityville. Go into the weapon shop and do the weapon quests. Kill all the ghouls until you get to the barn, then defeat the boss with about 178 health. This quest will result in about 2,550 experience points.

In Amityvale, do the quest for Moonglow. If you are level 8 or higher and kill all the monsters, you will receive 2,540 experience points.

Go to Ash and keep doing the Doomwood quest. The skeletons give a lot of experience points, and there is a yellow healing location where you start.

Go to Ash in Falconridge and go under “Quests”. Then, go down to “Challenge”. Once at Voltabolt, go up to the sign. Press the button on the sign, then enter the building. The driller has slightly more health and does more damage, but it is worth it.

Go to the inn in Falconreach and go to the map. Click “Crystal Cave”, Note: Bringing either a Wind or Dark weapon is recommended.

Go to Willowshire. Go to the blue room and complete it to get 4,500 experience points.

Go to Warlic and talk to him. Do the “Crystal” quest and buy the Shimmer Sword for 100 gold. Go to the inn with the mug sign out in front. Talk to the girl and click “Ghosts”. Complete the quest to get lots of experience and some gold. Note: You should be at least level 7 or 8.

Do the “Haunted Castle” quest in Amityvale. Do all of the rooms. By the time the quest is over, you should have acquired about 8,100 experience points.

Note: This is very difficult to complete, but results in 10,000 experience points in one battle (Dragon Amulet only). Go to Osprey Cove. Complete all of Ruharb’s quests. In the last quest, when you face Scelupture’s dragon, you will get 10,000 experience points. Being over level 40 with a fully trained dragon is recommended.

Go to Dragesvard. Go to Galanoth select random quests. Cancel if he does not tell you to kill a dragon. If he does, accept it. Complete the quest for lots of experience points.

Note: You must be at least level 48 and Guardian for this trick. Get a water weapon. Go to Guardian Tower. go to the teleporter. Fight the first hand of Carnex. Exit after defeating it. Go back in and fight the same hand. You will get 1,100 experience points per kill, and can kill it in about three minutes.

Go to Willowshire, then go to the tower until you find a big door which requires four locks to be opened. Then, go to the right of it and do the “Yellow Color Jewel” quest. At the end you will get 5,800 experience points.

If you have a pet dragon, go to Lady Celestia at Sunbreeze Cove. Click on “Dragonrider” and summon your dragon. Do the “Dragon Training” quest. Even if you cannot defeat the Boss, just kill all of the Kaijus and exit the quest.

Note: This requires a Dragon Amulet. Go to Warlic’s Portal and take a right. Then, go down. Keep going and you will find a waterfall. Approach it and you will find out that it is actually a hidden water elemental dungeon. Defeat every elemental inside for at least 2,000 experience points.

If you have a Dragon Amulet, buy the Chicken Cow Armor. Whenever you are low on health in a quest and you do not know when the next heal pad is, equip the armor then unequip it. You will have full heath. Do not forget to equip your weapon and other items again. This does not work during a fight.

In Willowshire, as soon as you go into one of the rooms look to the right. There should be a blue flame on the wall. Go to it, and it should heal you.

To heal yourself in Willowshire, set your hometown to Falconreach. After fighting in a room, click “Option” and select “Teleport to hometown”. Heal yourself and continue clearing the other rooms until you are done.

Everything that glows purple will heal you.

When on a circle and are waiting to be healed, to finish quickly, enter your inventory. The circle should have healed you completely.

Getting to Amityville, Oaklore and Falconreach easily:
Go to the Aeris Battle Spire and set it as your hometown. When you are far away and do not want to travel that distance, click “Options” at the bottom of the quest chest. Go to “Teleport To Hometown”. Go to the Battle Spire. Click “Enter” and go over to the airship. You will be asked for a destination. It can only take you to Oaklore, Amityville, or Falconreach.

Getting Warlic:
To Warlic in other quests, first go to Warlic’s Portal near the Guardian Tower. Go to him and you see the “Other Quest” option. Click it and select the “Save Lyncerest” quest. Complete that quest until you can get the “Xan’s Fortess” quest. Go in the “Xan’s Fortess” quest and Warlic will be your friend. You can abandon the quest and Warlic can be your friend in other quests. Note – You will need ten Elemental Essences to unlock that quest.

Artix – Right of Amityvale, which you can visit to by clicking the “Travel” button. He is easy to get, and is strong beyond his level 3 stats.
Ash – Found in Falconreach. Ask him to join. He is level 1.
Sir Ano – Click his quest in Oaklore and continue after the “Loading Friend”. Sir Ano will join your party. Do not click “Done” or it will remove him. Click the “Options” teleport to your hometown.
Tomix – First go to Ravenloft. Go to Tomix and do the “Highway” quest. Tomix will befriend you. Abort the quest. You now have Artix and Tomix in your party for any other quest.
Valencia – Keep moving to the right. She is level 8.
Warlic – Go to his portal and do the Lymcrest chain until the last quest. Go to it, finish talking, press “Options”, and teleport to your hometown. He is level 11.
Zhoom – Travel to the Sandsea and do the quest chains until you can fight Sek Duat XV. Before starting any fights, teleport to your hometown. He is level 15.

Getting Dragon Skills:
Go to the Priestess, select “Dragon Training”, select “Summon”, then select “Train”. You will start a quest where you have to fight some Kaijus. At the end, you will fight something named Togzilla. He is difficult, but if you defeat him you will get one of your dragon’s skills.

Go to Falconreach without fighting Hydra:
Go to Oaklore. Go to the person who talks about ghosts. Click on “Sir Koffagus” and keep fighting until you find a sign that reads “Falconreach” that is pointing to the right.

Black Market Moglin:
The Black Market Moglin stands between Reen’s house and the empty house. He can change your name for 1,000 Dragon Coins, gender for 1,000 Dragon Coins, and class for 500 Dragon Coins.

Easy money:
Go to Ash. Ask about Amityvale. Go there and go to the far right to where meet up with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the dog to the well. Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level 16 and higher weapons. This can be done about ten times. The member weapons can be sold at shops to get money. Repeat this as many times as desired.

If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic’s portal. Go to the mountains, then go to right and enter the quest. Complete the quest and earn money by selling weapons.

Go to Ash, and choose “Quests”. Click on “Elemental Attack”. Then, go to the bush behind Capt’n Crunsh to get a healing area. Go to the right to find a lot of elementals. Fight them until all are defeated. Go back to the healing pad when needed. Then, complete the quest. You will receive a lot of experience and gold from the monsters, as well as a mace. Back at Falconreach, go to Yulgar’s shop and sell the mace. You will get a lot of money.

Go to Nythera and do the “Potion Master” quest. Finish it and you will get no experience or gold. However you will get a junk that you can sell for 300 or 500 gold.

Go to Doctor Voltbolt’s Challenge and do the quest. Click the sign then “Yes”. Complete the quest to get about 800 experience points and 60 gold. You can also sell the scrap metal for 10 gold.

Go to Valencia and click on the “Bacon Origin” quest. Go to the quest where you battle the nine Hydra heads. Kill all the monsters to get over 8,000 experience points and 300 gold. You can also refill your potions after you defeat one Hydra head. When the message “The Hydra looks for a chance to swap” appears, just use a skill that stops your enemy from running away.

Go back to the forest where you first began the game. Then, kill the Sneevil. Leave the forest area. You will only get two gold, but if you have the patience this can be done repeatedly for a good amount of money.

Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly and go to Amityvale to do “The Well” quest. Repeat the quest often and you will get guardian weapons, among others. They are level 17 and above. The guardian weapons are worth 160 gold each. Sell any weapon you do not want.

Go to Oaklore and press the button marked “Free Gold”. Go to the girl and speak to her. This can be done as often as desired.

Go to Amityvale. Talk to Thursday and do the “Crystal Clear Lake” quest. A good fire weapon is required, as the creatures have a weakness to it. Also, the wolf can be defeated easily with a silver weapon. If you do not have one, you will get one as a reward at the end of this quest. You can sell the weapons for 200 to 300 gold. Note: Doing the “Titan” quest is also a good way to get money if you have the Dragon Amulet.

Do the bounty hunter quest for gold. The reward for finishing the quest is a ninja doll (level 1). It can be sold for 500 gold.

Note: A Dragon Amulet is required. Go to the portal at Falconreach then go to Willowshire. You see a woman talking. Next to her are three buttons. Select “Gorok” and defeat him with your dragon to get 400 gold and 2,000 experience points.

Go to Robina in Sure Would Forest and select “Bounty Hunting”. Accept the Most Wanted List. Go to the right, then up. You should be at a place that leads to an area with log walls. Go in and you will see the most wanted list when you first enter. Make your way through the Renegade Scouts, Renegade Hunters, and the Renegade Enforcers until you find a tent. If you are hurt, there is a healing panel somewhere in the maze. Enter the tent and you will fight a Cut Purse, Thug, and one of the following people (and get the corresponding reward): Darcar (50 gold), Hyest (75 gold), Stounn (100 gold), Stradar (180 gold), Awper Harty (300 gold), Vaz Striker (600 gold). This can be done as many times as desired.

Go to Dravesgard and see Ikea. Buy the Magic Mirror and put it in your house. Click “Go” and battle all the monsters. By the end you should have an additional 260 gold. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Go to Nythera and do the “Potion Master” quest. Finish it and you will get no experience or gold. However you will get a junk item that can be sold for 300 to 500 gold.

Go back to the forest where you first began the game. Then, kill the Sneevil. Leave the forest area. You will only get 2 gold,but if you have the patience to repeat it multiple times you can get a good amount of money.

Go to Valencia and select on the “Bacon Origin” quest. Go to the quest where you battle the nine hydra heads. Kill all the monsters to get over 8,000 experience points and 300 gold. You also can refill on potions after you defeat one hydra head. When a text “The hydra looks for a chance to swap” appears, just use a skill that stops your enemy from running away.

Advanced CorDemi Codex:
Use the following trick to get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins. Go to Robina in the Surewould Forest, east of Falconreach. Get the bounty hunting list from her. Go east again until you get to a crossroads then go north. Kill all of the outlaws until you reach a tent. There will be three people inside. Kill them all and the quest will be completed. Sometimes you get the Advanced CorDemi Codex as a reward.

Ancient treasures:
Go to Zhoom and do the random quest. When you see the phrase “Sandsea holds many secrets”, do that quest. You can earn many ancient treasures to get a Ranger Armor and train it.

Basic CorDemi Codex:
Do the “Root Of All Sneevils” quest. To complete it, go right twice, then go into the dark place.

Go to Warlic, then go to the mountain. Note: It is to the back of Warlic. Go straight, then go right until you see a cave. Go inside and battle all the monsters until done. Repeat this until you get the CorDemi Codex.

If you have a Dragon Amulet, go to Falconreach. Go to the right until you see Cysero. Go inside his shop to buy his CorDemi Codex.

Battle Core:
Go to Dr. VB and select “Quest”. If you are lucky, you should get the “Junkyard Driller” as an opponent. He has a higher chance to give a Battle Core after you win.

ChickenCow armor:
To get it, you must pass through the 100-room dungeon. Click the “Travel” button or go up the ramp to the Guardian Tower then go further to the right until you reach the griffon. Click the “100-room Dungeon” button. The dungeon is full of fire type monsters. Use ice or water type weapons. At the end you will receive the ChickenCow armor.
Go to Amityvale and speak to Thursday. Click the “Quest” button and choose “Yaga Stone Circle”. After that, the Yaga will speak to you. Either ignore the Yaga or kill them. Walk forward until you reach Guffer. Speak to Guffer, then fight. Note: Using a silver weapon is recommended. Keep repeating this quest until you get the ChickenCow armor.

Death Scythe:
Note: A Dragon Amulet is required for this trick. Go to Valencia. She is on the east side of Falconreach. Complete the “Bacon Origin” quest, then the “No Horsing Around” quest. Go in the cave and defeat Death. You will have a Doom weapon.

Note: This requires a Dragon Amulet. Use the following trick to Doom a weapon quickly. If you have a dragon, go to Willowshire. Click “Gorgok Returns”, then complete the quest and defeat all the Dravir. Talk to Gorgok and fight him. Using your dragon’s Element Fire or Energy is recommended. When you win, you will get 400 gold. Repeat this for five days to a week until you have a Doom weapon.

Note: This requires a Dragon Amulet. Go to the pirate area and talk to the person with the quests. Note: He is the only person standing outside. Do all his quests until you get to “Smells Fishy”. Summon your dragon and fight. If you win you will get 3,001 experience points, 400 gold, and a weapon you can sell for 150 gold. If you are strong enough, you can do this in less than five minutes. Repeat this until you have a Doom weapon.

Play the “Titan” quest from Lady Celetia. You can get a Doom weapon in about three days.

Dragon egg:
Finish all the quests for Robina and Valencia, then go up to Warlic’s camp. Talk to him about the dragon egg, then keep selecting “Back” until you get the egg. Select “Yay!” to get the egg.

Dragon Slayer armor:

Get an Ice Dragon Scale from one of Galanoth’s quests and unlock the Dragon Slayer Armor. Then, go to train and do the quest for the stones. When you get to the one where you push the button, keep clicking it until it goes on the desired number (70 or over). Then, stop clicking and you will get it.

Golden Rapier:
Go to Amityvale. Find Artix and select “Random Quest”. Do “Mystery Doors” and repeat until you find it. Its stats are: level 17, Damage 37 to 39, Rarity 1, Crit 2.

Monkey armor:
To get the Monkey armor, either pirate or ninja, do the Monkey War. Defeat at least one wave then select “Continue”

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