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Ellen Dubin Elder Scrolls V Interview

1) What previous work have you done before Elder Scrolls V?

I have enjoyed a wide variety of work in all kinds of genres from stage to film to television. I started out as a ballet dancer because I was a very quiet shy child and my parents put me in dance class so I could gain confidence and improve my posture. When I was performing on stage in recitals, I fell in love with the reaction of the live audience and that really began my performing arts career. I loved moving an audience to tears and making them roar with laughter.

I then started doing all kinds of theatre from Shakespeare to Eugene O’ Neill to Neil Simon to Musical Theater – Some of my favorites include: MACBETH, A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN, A CHORUS LINE and LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS. While I was on stage, I trained in improv and scene study and began to branch out into television and film. I always strived for more – to continally learn  and to keep audiences guessing. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into one genre .
I began doing a lot of sci fi work on television. My first role that put me on the map in the sci fi / fantasy world was playing the wicked no holds barred cannibal GIGGEROTA THE WICKED in the wacky  sexy international tv series LEXX. I was the only recurring character on that show that did four seasons. I began to get a wonderful fan base world wide because of this unusual character and audiences started to love the chameleon like quality I would bring to all my characters in various other shows . I ended up doing DEAD ZONE, HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN and had my own supernatural series that showed and is still showing in 65 counties called THE COLLECTOR in which I was nominated for a Gemini Award for my work as series regular Jeri Slate- I played a passionate journalist who would stop at nothing to get to the truth about the devil.

I also have done a slew of movies of the week for Lifetime and the Syfy Channel and  have been fortunate to be in one of the biggest  multi award winning  comedy movies of all time NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.  I just finished the last episode of MURDOCH MYSTERIES which shows in England and a 3d zombie feature DEAD BEFORE DAWN.

2) Have you done work with other video games before this?

I am new to this world of video games. I love and marvel at their wide appeal.
I am currently working on GUILD WARS 2 which I started a few years ago. It doesn’t come out till approximately 2013 so it is a wonderful continuous job.

3) Do you plan on doing more voice acting for any upcoming games?

I am still working on GUILD WARS 2 and hope to be doing a lot more in this field. This is an amazing genre to work in. I recently auditioned for a few more games and am waiting to hear. I would love to corner the market on all the powerful women warriors, the unusual quirky and realistic characters. It is endless! Bring it on!

4) What made you move towards voice acting within video games?

It is a logical step for a well trained actor because the video game world has become very cinematic. The gamers are much more sophisticated now and appreciate great nuanced acting. It isn’t just about fabulous sounding voices – it is about creating a world that the Player can hear so as an actor you are using everything in your arsenal to let him or her see and feel that imaginary world.
My Los Angeles agent Tom Lawless at  VOX has great connections in this world so I am thrilled when I get an audition for a new game.
As an actor that has done a lot of science fiction, this background also helps me in the video game world. I am used to unusual story lines and creating characters from scratch in weird off beat worlds as well as realistic characters in very real situations. I embrace it all!

5) How different is voice acting for games than movies?

First of all, I believe great acting is great acting in any genre. But that said,one of the biggest differences it that you have to create relationships with the another character without that actor being in the room. As a voice actor, you are by yourself standing in front of that microphone without another person in the room.  So you have a dual job to create your character as well as establish a relationship with someone else by your voice reacting AS IF that other person is in the space.
You also have to create a whole world – yes there are visuals for the Player but you have to establish a lot with your voice to create that forest, that inn, that extraterrestrial world etc.
You don’t have to get your hair and makeup done and be in a costume. You can wear sweat pants and a baseball cap!
I find voice work freeing because you are not cast on how you look so I can play anything from 14 to 100 years old. I can play short , tall, skinny , heavy, a dog , a cat , a mythical creature. The possibilities are endless!

6) Do you believe your contribution has been a major role in making Elder Scrolls V a success?

I believe that every character contributes to the whole of this huge game. I would be vain to say that my character will make ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM a huge success.
It will be a part of a massive game. It is an astounding game with years of work and research behind it and all the voice actors, creators are a part of this amazing team.

7) Do you plan on doing more voice acting for any upcoming games?

I would love to do more and more in the game world It is my favorite form of voice work. I have auditioned for a few recently and waiting to hear if I book some more. So stay tuned!

8) Could you tell us more about the character you play in Elder Scrolls V?

I play COMMON WOMAN in ELDER SCROLLS V:SKYRIM. When I first auditioned for the role, I thought it was just going to be a small part. But then when I started recording, I realized that we would be taping many variations and many different scenes with this character because the beauty of this game is that the Player can choose any scenario he or she wants. So I ended up taping a lot of scenes. I loved this character because she ran the gamut of emotions- from extreme comedy to drama . There were subtle moments as well as out there moments. Also got to do a wide variety of shout outs and screams. As an actor, I had to change on a dime. I embraced every moment of that.

9) Are you planning on doing the voice acting for the next Elder Scrolls in the series?

I don’t know yet! I will find out and get back to you on that!

10) Are you a big fan of video games?

I wasn’t before but I am now!!!!!!!!

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