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Fate of the World: Tipping Point Review

There simply aren’t many games like Fate of the World: Tipping point, out there.  This PC game is not only a test of your mental capabilities; it is also fun and extremely educational.  In the game you have an overview of the planet, its resources, power struggles, life forms, natural disasters and various other criteria.  This title is essentially a “massive scale” simulator, in which you are tasked with utilizing or organizing things so that the world literally, doesn’t come to an end.

Your “character” is the leader of the global environmental organization, you are basically given supreme power to use any and all resources as you see fit, for the benefit of us all.  You have 12 regions to deal with, and the ability to appoint representatives to each.  The game utilizes a familiar card and turn-based system which players of games like dungeons and dragons should be extremely familiar with (of course).  You make your decisions based on the needs or crises that any particular region is suffering through; of which there are numerous criteria that you have dominion over, including population control, energy resource usage, environmental policies, and many more.  The level of control and detail in this game is utterly fantastic.

If this title is being used in an educational fashion, students and teachers should know that it also features an extensive wiki with real world information.  Fate of the world: tipping point is a very enjoyable and entertaining exercise for your mind, which can also familiarize you with some of the very real problems that our little planet is facing.  Most PC gamers will come into this game thinking that they will dominate it, only to realize after several hours of gameplay that they might not possess as much knowledge about global affairs as they had originally thought. A great game, go play it and save the world!

8 / 10

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