Force 21 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press [Enter] to display an entry prompt, type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat:

Alternate view – stratperspective
Center camera on selected unit – centermass
Change blue ambient light – ambb
Change green ambient light – ambg
Change red ambient light – ambr
Control the camera’s maximum height – maxheight
Control the camera’s maximum pitch – maxpitch
Control the camera’s minimum height – minheight
Control the camera’s minimum pitch – minpitch
Damage first vehicle in present platoon – hurt
Disable horizon – seattle
Disable the victory check – novictory
Disables effects of commanders – commanders
Display current RGB ambient light values – amb
Display frame rate – fps
Displays memory used by sound – soundbytes
Exit to windows – exit
Farthest distance to draw fog – farfog
Farthest to draw objects/terrain – farclip
Full radar – chessmatch
Identify selected vehicle – id
Instant loss – hasselhoff
Instant win – gameoverman
Kill several enemy units [NOTE 1] – killenemy
List currently selected targets – targetlist
Lock vehicle in place – chillout
Mark all tanks with yellow triangles – neon
Mark your buildings and tanks with yellow boxes – avatar
Nearest distance to draw fog – nearfog
Nearest distance to draw objects/terrain – nearclip
No textures on tactical map – grid
Polluted sky – london
Remove trees – amazon
Reveal enemy positions – ispy
Scale all models to x times original size – scalemodel

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