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GamesCom 2011

GamesCom 2011

The countdown to Gamescom 2011 is on, and more information about what we can expect to see revealed from this unique trade fair and event for interactive gaming and entertainment is starting to leak out. From the 18th to the 21st of August, gaming fans from all across Europe will descend on Cologne, Germany to see what the developers have in store for us in the form of new games, new hardware and much, much more.

Gamescom may not have quite the reputation and turnout of E3, but each year this event grows in popularity, as demonstrated by the sheer volume of companies making their presence felt this year, not to mention the quarter of a million gamers who turned up last year. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, DICE, Capcom and more are all scheduled to make an appearance in the 2011 event, along with a couple of developers that weren’t actually in attendance at E3, Valve and NCSoft. Gamescom is more than just one big press conference about the latest and greatest developments from these big names though, it’s also an excellent opportunity to get hands on and play with some new toys and titles.


The rumours of the games that will be demonstrated at Gamescom 2011 are circulating, but there are some new titles certain to make an appearance. The long awaited Battlefield 3 for example, which blew expectations out of the water at E3, will certainly be the exhibit developer DICE will want to show off. Likewise Gears of War 3 is likely to feature fairly centrally on the Microsoft stage, ready for its release in September, and we can’t forget to mention Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. We’re certainly hoping to hear more about the latest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim; if it’s anything like Oblivion this is going to be one to watch and any snippets of information will be snapped up by the eager gamers in attendance.

Guild Wars 2 may receive a mention or two, though we expect this to be presented to the press behind closed doors to a certain extent. And as development continues on Mass Effect 3 we wonder what secrets may be revealed ready for its launch in 2012. Perhaps one of the most exciting games making an appearance this year though is Dota 2 from Valve; this game has been created almost entirely in secret, so it will be interesting to see anything revealed at the upcoming event.


Gamescom isn’t all about releasing new games to the gaming world; there will also be many exhibits of the latest hardware, as well as opportunities to get your hands on it. All sorts of bits and pieces will be on display amidst the hundreds of exhibitions, from the latest consoles such as the 3DS and Nintendo’s new Wii, the Wii U, to peripherals and accessories for your favourite console or your PC.


In addition to the exhibitor stands at Gamescom there are plenty of events to hold your interest, from game displays and tournaments to outdoor activities, there really is something for everyone in Cologne this year. Many events are run by Gamescom, while others are put on by specific exhibitors or other contacts so it’s worth researching exactly what you’re interested in before heading out if you are lucky enough to be attending this year. One particular event of note is that of the DotA 2 tournament, where the world’s top DotA teams will compete against one another for the grand prize of $1 million!

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest announcements and updates from Gamescom in case you can’t make it, so check back soon for details from Cologne.

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