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Grand Theft Auto V – Serious Clues We Have Found That No One Else Has

Rockstar have released the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Los Santos will be the name of the city, which is based around Los Angeles. We have found two serious clues that we believe we have answered…

Clues We Have Found:

A poster in the GTA V Trailer
A poster in the GTA V Trailer
Santa Monica Pier








Here is a poster that we noticed attached to the metal fence. We think that this poster demonstrates and has the same appearance as Santa Monica Pier, which is located in CA, Los Angeles.

See for yourself. The poster shows a long pier with a bendy roller coaster and a Ferris wheel. These are two distinctive features that Santa Monica Pier also has. If this clue is actually real, then it gives us a good idea as to what areas of Los Angeles will be covered in GTA V.


GTA V Golf Course


Penmar Golf Course, Los Angeles




In this clue we have someone playing golf on hole 8, PAR 3, 169 Yards, as per what the sign in the background says. You can also see the image of the hole if you look closely far right of the sign. A golf course named Penmar Golf Course, Los Angeles, has a hole 8, which looks extremely similar to the one shown on the sign. What’s more is that this golf course is only a matter of miles away from Santa Monica Pier, supporting our above clue theory. See for yourself above. Oh, and hole 8 at Penmar Golf Course is 169 yards as per the sign details, coincidences do happen but…!?

What do you think?

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