Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb Cheats

Cheat Mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “default.cfg” file in the “lucasartsindiana jones and the emperor’s tombgamedataindy” folder. Add the following line to the existing content of the file:


This unlocks unlimited air when swimming, unlimited ammunition, and unlimited health. These options do no seem to be individually selectable.

To unlock more cheat effects, add the following lines to the file. You will get a few more weapons including a Panzerschreck, Luger, Mauser, spear gun, crossbow, Tommy gun, MP-40 SMG and the art galley.


To get just a Panzerschreck weapon, add the following line to the file:


To get all weapons, but not the art gallery, add the following line to the file:


To get the Pa Cheng (throwable weapon) at the beginning of the game, add the following line to the file:


To be invincible and have all weapons, add the following lines to the file:


To continue from the beginning of the level after Indy dies, without the whole reload process, add the following line to the file:


Disable AI:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “vars.cfg” file in the “lucasartsindiana jones and the emperor’s tomb” folder. Locate the “aiDisabled” line and change it to “aiDisabled=true”.

Bonus levels:
Enter the game director and enter the folder that contains its levels. Run the “ropetest” and “whipgym” files to play those levels, which are not found in other versions of the game.

Console commands:
There apparently is a console that can be unlocked in the game to activate additional cheats. LucasArts has included the following text in their readme.txt file: “The Emperor’s Tomb console commands are primarily used for development, testing, and product support purposes. Users unfamiliar with these console commands should not attempt to use them, as their use may result in game crashes, corrupted graphics, and/or a variety of other issues. Console commands and errors resulting from the use of console commands and/or cheats are unsupported.” Please submit more details about the unknown information.

Art gallery:
Collect all artifacts in the game to unlock an art gallery.

There are thirty artifacts in total, with three in each mission:

Idol Of Ramba Vihara (Ceylon: Gates of the Lost City): In the first level of the game, look behind the waterfall near the start to find a secret cave. The idol should be waiting for you in the back of the room.

Mahavatu Mask (Ceylon: The Hunter’s Camp): The Mahavatu Mask is held inside a large crate dangling above the campfire in the hunters’ camp. Go along the upper parts of the camp and reach where the apparatus holding the crate up is. Smash the smaller crate on the other side of the apparatus and the large crate will fall. Drop back down to the campfire and pick up the contents.

Port Negombo Relic (Ceylon: The Palace of Forgotten Kings): After cutting through a doorway covered in vines mid-way through the level, you will enter a small area with a wall covered with climbable vines in the back. Instead of going up the vines, go to the right and jump up the ledge. On top, jump to the platform above the doorway then into the room on the other side of the area. Inside is the valuable Port Negombo Relic.

Medallion Of Libuse (Prague: The Library): After picking up the castle map, go back through the false bookcase and immediately take a right. When you reach the end of the floor, wall walk along to side into the bookcase area in the center. The back bookcase will be opened, leading to a secret room where you can find the Medallion of Libuse.

Stochov Fragmet (Prague: The Observatory): At the start of the level, go out the door and follow the wall to the left. You should immediately come to a small ledge that runs alongside the building. Climb up and walk along it (do not wall walk). As you turn the corner, you will see a doorway to a nearby tower. Get a running start from the edge perpendicular to the doorway and jump over. Inside the room is the Stochov Fragment.

Cisterian Mask (Prague: Vega’s Tower): Make your way through the level until you reach a tower with a fallen bell on the floor. Look through the holes that the bell smashed in the floor to see a room below. Look out the windows near the bell and you will spot a chain. Jump onto it, climb down, and swing into the window below. You are now in the room below the bell, which contains the Cisterian Mask.

Piri Reis Manuscript (Istanbul: Breakout): Immediately before the end of the level, look over to the edge of the platform and you will spot a crate. Look down below from the crate. You will see a path that leads alongside the circular dome below. Drop down onto the path and follow it. You will eventually arrive at a building. Enter it to find this artifact.

Ottoman Seal (Istanbul: The Secret of the Mosque: Part 2): The Ottoman Seal is easy to find. From the start of the level, walk straight ahead. You will see a wall with the bottom broken out. Roll through the hole and you will be inside the room containing the artifact.

Delian Proclamation (Istanbul: The Sunken Palace): This artifact is found near the end of the level. Immediately before you reach the crane, while you are on the last raised platform, you will notice that you can use your whip. Use the whip swing and you should land on top of a dangling box. Take out the machete (found on the sea floor near the demolition charge) and chop it down. Inside you will find the Delian Proclamation.

Tai Tsu Mask (Hong Kong: The Golden Lotus): After walking through the upper parts of the stage, you will enter the balconies that overlook the entire theater. In the second balcony room after you enter, you will find the Tai Tsu Mask on a pedestal.

Longshan Idol (Hong Kong: The Golden Lotus: Part 2): The Longshan Idol is found in a small room with mirrors that connects to the last, larger room in the level. A guard will come running from it to attack you. After defeating him, go into the open door and pick up the artifact from the table.

Hong Kong Coin (Hong Kong: The Streets of Hong Kong): This artifact is odd because it is the only one that you will not actually pick up. It also does not have any name. However, you will find it inside a crate on a ledge about halfway through the level. Look for the ledge with the crate comes immediately before Indy says, “Wu Han, are you trying to lose them?” and the short cinematic. As this point in the level approaches, concentrate on the left side of the screen. Fire at the crate the moment it comes into view. After shooting open the crate, shoot the coin to collect it. A message at the bottom of the screen will tell you if you have obtained it.

Sanchai Plate (Peng Lai Lagoon: The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon: Part 2): At the start of the level, you will see a cracked wall. Look for a demolition charge behind the nearby lights and plant it on the wall. After it explodes, enter the room to find this artifact.

Shiana Qian Shiji (Peng Lai Lagoon: Iron Cross): From the beginning of the level, walk up the stairs and follow the path a ways down until you see an alarm next to a closed door. Enter the door, go up the stairs inside, and enter the room at the top. Defeat the guard stationed here and pick up the Shiana Qian Shiji artifact on the table.

Tablet Of Longjiang (Peng Lai Lagoon: The U-Boat Base: Part 2): From the exit of the ventilation ducts, go the left until you see a break in the railing. This is where you can whip across. Hang onto the edge and drop down below. Break open a crate in the back to find the Tablet of Longjiang.

Zhoa Mo Rhytan (Peng Lai Mountains: The High Road to Peng Lai): After climbing up the crates in the two rightmost garages to the upper floor, walk over to the top of the leftmost garage. Drop through the hole in the top and look for a small box. Break it open to the find the Zhoa Mo Rhytan.

Gui Jian Scroll (Peng Lai Mountains: The Infiltration): From the start of the level, go out the doors and down the ladder to the left. Next, follow the wall on your right all the way down to the very end of the gondola station (do not go in the doorway to the crate area). Around the corner at the end is a small crate containing the Gui Jian Scroll.

Changan Stone (Peng Lai Mountains: The Airbase): The Changan Stone is found on the catwalks of the last room in the level. Take an immediate right when you enter the room. At the end of this section of the catwalk is the artifact.

Mask Of Cambaluc (Black Dragon Fortress: The Black Dragon Fortress): After swinging under the bridge and walking around the wooden platforms on the outside of the fortress, you will eventually reach a place where you swing into a wall, break it down, and go inside. Directly next to the wall you break open are some vines. Jump from the broken opening onto the vines and climb up to the top and to the right. Follow the platform inside to find the Mask of Cambaluc.

Qi Marble Stela (Black Dragon Fortress: Call to Battle): The Qi Marble Stela is found directly in front of the gong in the center of the level. Facing away from the front of the gong, walk straight ahead and you will run into a pedestal. Smash the glass open to retrieve the artifact.
Yuan Xiang (Black Dragon Fortress: The Tower of Storms): About midway through the level, you will find a lift with stones on it. If you push the stones off, the lift will rise. Instead of just taking it to the top, turn around and hop into the small room that is in between the floors. You will find this artifact there.

Yuyao Pan (Temple of Kong Tien: Descent into Darkness): After you have begun sliding down the main portion of the level (where there are the dart shooter tiles), be on the lookout for a lamp and some boards covering a wall in between slopes. After dropping down a few times, you should run across the lamp. Lash onto it with your whip and smash through the boards. Inside the room is the artifact.

Liaoning Mianjin (Temple of Kong Tien: The Catacombs): From the I Ching puzzle room (with the circular puzzle in the center), go through the door that leads into a tomb area. Search inside the tombs to find this artifact.

Henan Bei (Temple of Kong Tien: The Dragon’s Claw): The first trial in this level is the bridge with the flipping tiles. Make sure to flip over every last blue tile you can. A tomb near the end of the level will open. The tomb is near the gate to the temple, which is in the room with the gong and the fountain. You will find the Henan Bei inside the tomb.

Shang Statuette (The Emperor’s Tomb: Tomb of the First Emperor): This artifact is in the passage with the blue electric orbs. Throw a skull to get by the first set. Notice that there is a section of the passage with no orbs and some pits in the ground. Look down the first pit and you will see a little room below. Dangle down from above and drop into the room to find the location of the Shang Statuette.

Qin Lawsook (The Emperor’s Tomb: Path of Unseen Peril): This artifact is found in the last room in the level with the chariot statue in the center. Ignore the guards when you first enter the room and run up to the right wall. Climb onto the raised railing and then into the opening in the wall. Look around inside for the Qin Lawsook.

Jade Linso Board (The Emperor’s Tomb: The Bells of the Dead): In the connecting passageway before the bell room, pull out the Mirror of Dreams. It will reveal a hidden ladder in the passageway. Climb up it to a room above where the Jade Linso Board waits.

Halberd Plate (The Netherworld: The Pillars of the Underworld): Near the end of the level, there is a platform with five pillars on it. The blue wraith that you have to fight actually is an indicator of where you can find an artifact. Climb up onto the railing near where the wraith was and look below. You should see the Halberd Plate on a small ledge directly below you.

Gao Burial Mask (The Netherworld: The Pillars of the Underworld): Near the end of the level, you will find a fork in the path. If you go to the right, you will find five pillars to spin and end of the level just beyond. If you go to the left, you will find three lamps that you need to whip across. To find the Gao Burial Mask, go to the left. You will encounter a blue spirit and a couple of Terracotta soldiers on the other side, and in the middle of the platform, the artifact.

Shi Huangoi Cong (The Netherworld: The Heart of the Dragon): Immediately before the reaching the Emperor’s throne and after crossing all of the disappearing platforms, you will find a fountain. On a table on the opposite side of the room is the Shi Huangoi Cong.

Secret area:
On the first level when you first encounter crocodiles, kill all of them with your machete. Then, swim to the left next to the entrance to the temple. Swim behind the waterfall to pull up on a small ledge. You will not be able to see much, there is a box here. Break it open to get a bundle of dynamite.

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