Labyrinth 2 HD Review

Labyrinth is a game that has been around since the mid-1940s. Many years ago, one Christmas, when having Snake on your Nokia phone was cool, I unwrapped a gift, to find a Brio 34000 Labyrinth. I remember my reaction was WOW! It provided a lot of fun and entertainment, and in fact, I still have it today.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to play the game, it involves you trying to get a small ball from the start of the maze to the finish; you have two handles to help tilt the board, resulting in you attempting to direct the ball around a maze. There are holes scattered around the maze, which you must avoid in order to get to the finish, making it very challenging.

This type of game was always destined to become an iPhone or iPad game, taking advantage of the brilliant graphics and of course the devices tilt accelerometer abilities. The game was developed and published by Illusion Lads, Labyrinth 2 is available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and Labyrinth 2 HD is the iPad version.

Tilt your iPad and guide the ball around the maze, try and get it to the end without the ball falling in to the trap holes. It works just like the original physical version of the game. Play alone with singleplayer mode or you can jump into a multiplayer game using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This mode is basically a race of who can get to the finish first. Facebook and Twitter functionalities are also supported.

You won’t be disappointed with the visuals on offer. The ball and tilt physics are very accurate. Ensure to have the Tilt view setting turned on; it makes the maze look 3D, which is very impressive!

One of the biggest limitations with the Brio 34000 Labyrinth was that you only had one level to play with. What makes this game so special is that you can create your own levels, and download other player’s maps.
You also have access to an awards tab, which challenges you to do numerous things.

Labyrinth 2 has so much entertainment value, the gameplay is great, and the huge amount of downloadable levels combined with the ability to create your own levels, are what make this game so special. With many similar alternative games on offer, Labyrinth 2 HD has by-far the most to offer, and will currently cost you £7.99 – This is a must have game!

9 / 10

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