New Client Released for Troy Online

Troy Online, the next free massive multiplayer game (MMO) of ALT1 Games, has released the schedule and available features for their final beta test, an open beta. ALT1 Games, the American arm of Korean gaming company ALT1, has released two games in 2011 but is focusing primarily on Troy Online.

Troy Online’s open beta test will begin on Aug 12th, 2011, at 11 AM PDT (UTC -7) and last for seven days. This will be the last test before the game finally makes its commercial debut on August 19, 2011. Additionally, a European for international players is being opened when the game is commercially released on August 19th. The game is based strongly on Trojan War mythos, deviating towards the end of the war and featuring the god Apollo as the catalyst for a second round of battle. Players will have to discover the mysteries of their new continent of Autis, how the gods feature in, and discover the various motives of the world’s political powers.

Those who are returning from a previous test will have to download a new open beta client due to massive overhaul improvements to the graphics displays and wide-scale improvements to class balance and additional PvP battlefields. They are also advised to uninstall the previous client manually. Information on how to do this can be found at the Troy Online homepage and on the announcement and technical forum.

Additional improvements to PvP include penalizing players who do not participate and including more portals into the battlefield of the waiting room. An additional zone outside of the battlefields for faction conflict and teamwork has also been added. The new client is readily available on Troy’s official website. While players are waiting for the game to waiting, Troy Online’s official Facebook page will be hosting Greek & Trojan mythology trivia with ALT1 Coins as prizes for quiz questions.

During the final test, Troy will have open general, class, bug, and support forums to promote community discussions. Troy mods will be active throughout the test both in game and on the forums, looking to respond to user comments and suggestions. ALT 1 Games will end the final opened beta test on Aug 18th at 10 PM PDT and will release a commercial version of the game the next day.

ALT1 Games will also be giving away 500 free ALT1 Coins to users who register with beta event keys for this test from website such as MMOsite, MMORPG, and  Players can use this opportunity to test out Troy Online’s cash shop. This time, items can be carried into the commercial version of Troy Online, but the redeemed ALT1 Coins will expire. For more information, please visit the Troy Online website.

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