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The summer drought is about to hit console fans…

The summer drought is about to hit console fans, but you don’t have to become a victim!

The summer brings sunshine, but rarely does it bring joy to video game fans. This year is no exception; it’s yet another summer drought, with a lack of titles been released! July and August are generally the worst months on video gamer’s calendars.

With this in mind we suggest taking a look at some of the downloadable games on offer, which surprisingly could prove to be a great alternative.  With a huge amount of traditional and Indie downloadable games in the XBOX Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Wii Ware service, Steam and more, you have a whole world to explore. Whatsmore is that you can generally pick up one of these games for less than £10.00.

If you don’t fancy getting much of a suntan this summer then you will definitely want to check out these must-have downloadable arcade games.

  • XBOX Live Arcade:

1) Trials HD (2009):

Addiction is more-a-less inevitable once you start playing this award winning motorcycle racing game, which is one of the most popular games to land on the XBOX Live Arcade, and proves an interesting mix of puzzle / adventure gameplay. Platforms: XBOX Live Arcade only.
Official Site

2) Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light (2010):

This arcade inspired edition of Lara Croft offers untraditional Lara Croft gameplay. The fixed-camera coop gameplay will give you around 7 hours of playing time, making it good value. Platforms: XBOX Live Arcade, PSN, PC and iOS.
Official Site

3) Fortress Craft: Chapter 1 (2011):

Are you feeling creative? With many similarities to that of the PC title Minecraft, you get to explore the user-created worlds, where construction, survival and destruction make for entertaining gameplay. Platforms: XBOX Live Arcade Only.
Official Site

  • PlayStation Network:

1) Flower (2009):

This single-player poetic game is both relaxing and adds a positive feeling to your mood, which is the main goal of the game. You control the wind and you direct petals through the vibrant environments. Platforms: PSN only.
Official Site

2) Superstar Dust HD (2007)

This arcade game provides intense action with a simple formula; score as many points as possible by shooting rocks and enemies. The game is based around the classic Super Stardust. Platforms: PS3 and PSP.
Official Site

3) Journey (2011):

An upcoming game, which is set to be the most, downloaded PSN game. The game will provide unique gameplay; where you help travellers as you explore the massive desert world. The twist is that you won’t be allowed to communicate with others, speech or text communications aren’t allowed, which makes it more challenging. Platforms: PSN Only.
Official Site

4) Puzzle Dimension (2011):

A recently released puzzle game, which should keep you occupied and feeling relaxed for some time. The game offers a huge amount of levels and challenges, where you have to control and roll a large ball over flowers around each beautifully created level. Platforms: PSN, Mac, PC and iOS.
Official Site

  • Wii Ware Service:

1) Lost Winds (2008):

This platform / adventure game sees you play as Toku, a young boy, who has the task of saving his homeland. Gameplay is all about killing enemies and solving puzzles using the Wii mote. Platforms: Wii only.
Official Site

2) Pokémon Rumble (2009):

A very challenging and entertaining game; take on wave after wave of other Pokémon, allowing you to advance through stages.
Official Site

3) World of Goo (2008):

This award winning game is certainly one to checkout. Take part in the physics based puzzles; build and create structures, bridges, platforms and more with the globs of goo. Each level offers new ultra-intense environments, puzzles and areas where you will uncover news species of goo as you progress. This game is both fun and addictive. Platforms: Wii, Linux, PC and Mac.
Official Site

Don’t let this summer be a total disappointment, check out the games we have suggested and have a browse around your console’s arcade store. After all, once you are through this rough patch, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 are just a couple of titles nearing release!

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