Tropico 4 Gives Many Users Install Error – Here Is the Fix

Many people who purchased the PC version of Tropico 4 were getting a constant error message after installing the game.

If you are a victim of this then don’t worry as we have a probable fix.

If you’re getting the following error: AppData.dll not found or unsigned. Then you are a victim of this error.

Video Tutorial:
Watch our video tutorial on how you can fix it quickly.

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The fix is quick:
Instead of clicking on the shortcut, you need to locate the icon in your root folder. You do this by finding the icon in Program Files and then the Tropico 4 folder. Double click this icon and the game should work fine. However, if you try and copy this icon on to your desktop, you will still get an error. So for now, the only answer is to do the above method. Watch the above video for the full steps and guide to this problem.

If you still get errors then you can contact the makers of Tropico 4 here on there support forum.

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