What You Need to know About the Wii U

What’s so special about the Wii U?

If you’re looking for the next generation of super smart games consoles, you may well be looking forward to the new Wii U from Nintendo. It promises to offer a gaming experience like never before and from this month we’ll all get to find out exactly what it has to offer! Here are a few of the things that set this machine apart from its peers and predecessors:

It certainly looks unique!

The Wii U is a brand new home videogame console that will change the way you interact with the people around you. The powerful, state-of-the-art central system can be used by multiple players at the same time, and the incredible new controller – the Wii U GamePad – has its own individual screen that connects wirelessly with the console to add a refreshing new dimension to your experience.

Coming at you from all different angles

Incredibly, with certain titles, you can look around the room using the new Wii U GamePad to see the world from different angles. Using clever motion, gyro and geomagnetic sensors to pick up on your movements, the screen will show you images and graphics that totally immerse you in a virtual world. Your personalised Mii character will change direction to match the direction the Wii U GamePad player faces and you can even share the GamePad view on your TV screen.

Multiplayer fun

The Wii U brings people together in a deeper, more enjoyable way and allows players using the Nintendo Wii Remote controllers and Wii U GamePad to play the same game, but on different screens, giving each person a unique experience. The actions and movements of each character are cleverly integrated – so everyone can play together easily – but the new controller gives the gaming experience a twist.

Better Visuals

One thing that the original Wii console suffered with was graphics; they just didn’t meet requirements of many gamers. The Wii U will have similar visuals to the XBOX 360 and PS3, providing gamers with a full HD experience.

A wealth of Wii U games

The great thing about this console is that it comes with a host of strong titles available during the launch window. Many of these are variations of favourites and feature some of the most-loved characters in the gaming world. Nintendo Land, for instance, allows users to explore 12 lively attractions such as Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest and each one of these is a standalone game.

Non-gaming features

As well as new ways to play, the Wii U also features a wealth of non-gaming features for your enjoyment. Players can access Miiverse – a new network communication option that lets gamers from around the world share news, stories and content – via their personalised Mii character and can use the Wii U GamePad as an infrared TV remote. Those with a wireless internet connection can also surf the net, so whether you’re searching for news or checking your emails you can do so via your controller.

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