Memory Core: System Override Review

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, then you might be interested in checking out “Memory Core: System Override”. The game doesn’t cost anything and is available on the iOS.

Your objective is to hack into one of the most secure systems in the world! Can you bring it down?
Andi, your digital assistant, will repeat complicated coloured sequences to bypass 10 firewalls, which will override the system, and make you known as one of the greatest freelance hackers ever!

Can you repeat the sequence? This is what the gameplay is all about. It might remind you of the classic game Simon Says or Maximem. However, this game takes a slightly different approach, and instead of using flashing lights like Simon Says does, the game uses blocks instead. If you input the wrong colour or if a block reaches the top, then you will take damage. Once you have four successful completions, you will bypass a firewall which will further you to the next level. Each bypass will destroy a random colour of blocks and award you with bonus stars; you have a stars balance which can be spent on various extras. Can you bypass 10 firewalls? This is what determines whether you win the game. Certain blocks have special abilities, such as the Star Block and Bomb Block.

The game is visually pleasing with a futuristic theme. It is one of the better looking iOS games I have seen. You can submit your score to the leaderboards; “Memory Core: System Override” also has Twitter integration.

If you’re looking for a puzzle-memory game then “Memory Core: System Override” shouldn’t let you down. The gameplay offers many hours of addictive gameplay. You can download the game here.

Rating – 8 / 10

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