Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review

The hotly anticipated Battlefield 3 has finally come to console, featuring everything from fighter jets to the large scale multiplayer action that we have come to know and love from developer DICE. Although the single player campaign doesn’t really live up to the game’s strengths, and the multiplayer campaign mode is limited to six levels, this title is worth purchasing purely for its online multiplayer which literally blows the competition out of the water.


Battlefield 3’s single-player campaign mode features a story familiar with many modern FPS games simulating modern warfare. With a few dramatic cutscenes, some absolutely stunning visuals and plenty of diverse combat sequences, this should be a campaign that enthrals you. Unfortunately though, the developer of this particular title has obviously poured the vast majority of its effort into the online multiplayer modes, leaving us with a story that feels both predictable and familiar.


If story leaves something to be desired within Battlefield 3 it’s not really any great loss; the immersive, realistic and exciting gameplay within the online multiplayer mode more than make up for any lack. With a single player campaign feeling restrictive and only six multiplayer campaign missions to enjoy, it is in this online multiplayer area where you will certainly spend the majority of your time. Although it’s certainly worth having a play through of the campaign for its few impressive moments and beautiful environments, the multiplayer mode features the same look and feel, and is imminently more rewarding to play.

As in previous Battlefield titles, teamwork is the name of the game when it comes to multiplayer action. With four different and unique soldier classes featuring individual strengths and weaknesses, you might struggle to reign victorious without a well-blended team. Perfecting this team-play is one of many reasons that will keep you chained to your console for many, many hours of multiplayer action.

Battlefield 3 offers plenty of rewards and progression within its online multiplayer to keep you coming back for more, as if the action alone wasn’t enough to keep you playing. No matter what your score, there is always some new enhancement just within reach, be it an Anti-Aircraft Tank or a simple change of your camouflage.

Although placement on the battle field is immensely important in delivering killing blows to your enemies, part of the fun is getting to those positions. An enormous range of different vehicles to utilise incorporates everything from tanks to helicopters, amphibious vehicles to jets! In the campaign you’ll be limited to a gunner role within most of these vehicles, but in multiplayer mode no such restrictions exist. Learning how to get the most out of your transport is one of the big thrills of this game, and using your vehicle well can even be a great way to rank up your score for yet more bonuses.


With DICE’s new Frostbite 2 engine there are some stunning visual displays to enjoy from Battlefield 3. From detailed facial features to expansive landscapes; this game has it all. Even the wreckage of former buildings looks somehow beautiful, with a very clever use of light and dark at perfectly appropriate moments. Enormous multiplayer maps may take you several matches to explore thoroughly due to the detail provided here, encouraging exploration even as you battle.

In true Battlefield style there is also plenty of scenery that can be broken to bits by heavy weaponry. Don’t stand behind a fence, wall or any similar obstacle for protection; you never know what might be about to fall on your head. This destruction of the environment itself adds yet more diversity into what is already an incredible multiplayer experience.


It’s hard to think of any gaming experience that is more rewarding than a team working successfully together in the online multiplayer of Battlefield 3. The game has its flaws, certainly, with a solo campaign that seems outdated when compared with its rivals, but if all you want is to jump straight into large-scale online warfare then this is, without a doubt, the game for you.

9 / 10


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